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Give me some channels to follow that don't just upload anime or porn and are in English

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What would be your middle name if God died?

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I'm not religious, but Prince of Egypt is still one of the best animated movies I've ever seen

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Full webm to that video here:

For those that are curious, a 10.5mb webm (vid in previous post) rides on the border of Mastodon's file size limit, and may throw a timeout a few times before it successfully uploads (took me about 5 tries lol)

Pretty sure most of that time spent uploading is a result of a second encode (mp4/webm -> webm) to further lower the bitrate, whether the original file is a webm or not

>When you're tilted in Smash but meet absolute bro
>Bro stock if other SDs
>Teabag eachother after every kill
>Take breaks in middle of fight
Feels good man

Shoutouts to YTS for letting me watch Spiderverse just now. That's a top notch movie

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For everyone waiting to play Link's Awakening that've played the original already, I recommend reading the manga. It's pretty good for how short it is

Hooray, I got stitches for taking out the trash 🎉🎉

Just made potato chips for the first time. The uncharred ones taste pretty great

These Rivals games at Genesis looking hype

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-30° weather cancelled tomorrow's classes. Not sure how I want to procrastinate

Hurray for CrossCode coming out from the Switch

I wonder if US media competes to see who can lose credibility the fastest. They've been doing particularly well recently

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