@FimbulFlower wow, i can put my finger through, how did you do that

@WandelStock Many hours of minecraft and bitcoin mining lets me take blocks out of anything made out of digital matter.

@FimbulFlower Didn't know the fedi was a minecraft mod

@FimbulFlower I love this cos it works on dark and light themes 😄

@FimbulFlower i can SO clearly hear the minecraft block breaking noise right now

@FimbulFlower @KitRedgrave Wow. I love how it's just the alpha channel so that it matches every potential background color.

@FimbulFlower What's that ?
– It's a hole.
– Where's the cat ?
– In the hole.
– And the neighbours ?
– They're in the hole.
– Oh my god call the police !
– Already did.
– And where are they ?
– In the hole.
– How deep is even this thing ? !

@FimbulFlower @smudgehell stop boosting this, you're spreading the creeper infestation

@scarlett @FimbulFlower because of the scale of my window, and because you where in the correct place in my mentions.

@dawidpotocki @FimbulFlower Hey mspaint doesn't have transparency and I had to patch that hole quick

this is really funny on mobile with a dark theme, because it just shows nothing.

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