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Punched the first cis white man I saw today.

Now I'm in bed with a broken finger and cuts all over my hand.

Being a good ally isn't without it's risks.

* ser två äpplen i vattnet *

Asså öh, kolla, havets frukter, liksom. Höhö.

These people live life with no fear. That's some next level confidence!

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I will never be as worry free and defiant as people who text while riding their bikes with big earphones on. Especially during fall with all the wet leaves and such. Especially inside the city.

Seriously nobody wanna drop 100 bucks on me when a ton of people are fine with dropping 100 bucks on discord nitro.


Yo can someone PayPal me like 100 bucks so I can buy a lewd commission from some artist

To paraphrase my fellow 30 somethings: this ain't it chief.

I friggin hate porn bots so much. They serve absolutely no one and they're an affront to all.

Drawings etc I can tolerate, that's fine, but we really need to bring down the hammer of justice on people who use real life people's pictures. Who knows if consent was given, who knows if they're pictures that are meant to be online?

You see a porn bot? Report that shit. Isolate them, throw them out of the fedi.

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !