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Threw together a lil avatar pack for all our newcomers :))

I'm a terrible parent

I don't even have kids! That's like the first step!

I wish you could edit posts here

But I know if you could, the bofa constellation would just edit their posts to rude things so no

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I'm going to have a bad case of stomach flu all christmas because I don't want to participate in certain parts of my family trying to reconnect me with people I dropped communication with. For good reasons.

"I am never wrong, it's always someone elses fault and anyone who says I did wrong is obviously trying to start a fight with me."

You see people like that? Just cut them out of your life. They're never going to change.

Same #sunrise, taken with the same setting as the previous post, just a few minutes later. The increase in brightness is quite noticeable.
#photography #nofilter #noprocessing #mastoart

Bioware should quit making faux rpg games and just make visual novels.

Fortnite fans....the us govemrntment is playing “epic games” wth your privacy

Join me, Link, and I will make your face the greatest in Koridai! Or else you will die!

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !