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Fimbul Sunflowers ✅

almost all n64 games are so ugly... weh

Great! My pack of art supplies got delayed!

Now I'll have to wait until next week!

Not feeling so good and can't sleep. This is annoying.

Thing I need to find: A tool that lets you make small games on an android phone.

I should become a video game writer.

I got a lot of good ideas.

hi, we're the publisher of indie games such as "Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You". anyway, GDPR is coming up in like 10 hours and

I'm not feeling drawing today

but here's green anyway

why the fuck is everyone going on about far cry 5 still

dear video game news: just play an old game or something you don't have to play bad games just because they're new and cost a lot to make

Vram bandits.

Some maps earlier in this project were put together using image editors, so right now I'm going through and finding the one or two tiles that aren't needed and the vram savings can be translated directly into more decoration and such.

wow that's a nice roll. I'll take it.

I can't draw today

or talk to people

all I can do is be uncomfortably warm :/

damn that's some good ass compression.

Cool bought new glasses, have to get the glasses customized.

So they'll be done in 14 days.

ah right, the testing cube, forgot to delete that while modding this model.

Flash based mastodon frontend that uses php/mysql as the backend.