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>new green packaging

>the packaging is yellow

smh wth

Hi and welcome to headspace. Imagine you had a second little toe. Just close your eyes and imagine it. Usually we don't think about having extra body parts but with headspaces app you can imagine all sorts of things. More toes. More hairs. A second ear. In this current world you really never sit down and let your mind so what it really needs to do, imagine extra small body parts.

Twitter is a bad place and I dislike it every time I go there.

But I get a lot of retweets from bots when posting my 3d art


Oh no I got stung by this jellyfish. Ah it burns.

Well that was my 30th Valentine's day all alone. Only a few months until Wizardry.

More like chapo trash house

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I can't play a video game online without gamers showing up and being gamers. You think I enjoy getting demolished by yet another nightmare tryhard in soul calibur? Fucking GAMERS

People who pick a second sniper in overwatch are TANKIE-ASS COWARDS

Csgo is a crap game anyway. Only gamers play that shit.

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