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Fey @Feyrir

>i mention ugandan knuckles
>2 follows

so this is how you guys get tons of followers

@feyrir >mention Hitler and the history of national socialist policies
>get 5 followers
There's better ways.

@kfist but that's also more difficult to do than just copying whatever meme is popular atm

@feyrir Nobody said understanding national socialism was easy.
Except maybe for people blinded by propaganda.
Speaking of propaganda, William Shirer, in one of his books, talked about his publishers wanting to put a big ol' swastika on the front of his book The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich since just having a swastika on your book cover increases sales by double-digit percentages.
He naturally acquiesced and the cover remains simply a swastika.

@kfist interesting but you already have my follow