I think I'm going crazy, I explained it to them for at least 6 times now and they still don't get it, just kill me at this point

am i stupid or is "what is the point of having a projector then" not implying that you're already using an HDMI splitter to have both the projector and Monitor show the video?????

Sudo Kaiba is my favourite Yu-Gi-Oh character

>video of people playing smash on the side of a building using a projector is going around
>"think of the input lag"
>"Fix it by having an HDMI splitter so you can have the hdmi signal on both a monitor and the projector"
>"but what's the point of having the projector then"
>"to play on the side of a building"

And people actually defend the guy who made the last comment, i don't understand how their brains even function at all


I just had the dumbest discussion with some people on Smash Twitter, jfc these people are stupid

Is there some good reddit app alternative? For some reason the app tells me the reddit servers are down everytime I try to login, although they're obviously not

I started the first episode of Bakemonogatari and there were a shit ton of frames with a wall of text in them

Are any of them relevant/is this going to happen a lot?

If I have to see another Isekai Anime, i'm offing myself

"Sasuke is really cool/
Sakura...the beautiful"

this man has some banger bars

OH MY GOD, I just remembered how SHIT the "german" version of the first naruto opening is

Be warned, it's atrocious

I often wonder wether Anime i saw when i was ~13-15 is as good as I remember or if my taste was complete shit

Had example for both sides

Also: I know most of the classic Ghibli Movies already

I feel like I should catch up on Anime Movies, anyone here got some recommendations? I know that Kimi no na wa is supposed to be great

Dumb RL drama Show more

Dumb RL drama Show more

why would anyone ever measure distilled water in gram, IT'S A FLUID MY MAN

More work at night, starting to run VERY low on sleep

(like 6h in the last 3 days :kirby_fly: )

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