i think i'm gonna give up on this account/delete it

if anyone wants to stay in contact, my "evil bird site" tag is the same and my discord tag is in my bio


if you think having more guns handed out to everyone solves any problem...i sincerely hope you're lucky enough to not get involved with another one of those mass shootings

ugh why did i think bringing this topic here was a good idea

>middle class teenagers think stealing is okay because it "hurts corporations"

Just ask your parents for some cash, you could probably do without that candy bar anyway

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hey all you hot conservative girls im a liberal snowflake i would be extremely upset and triggered if you just DMd me like a bunch of pictures if your bare titties

Please listen to the Ratchet & Clank OST


pls don't ban me mr french admin

Hey wanna know what's the same thing in french and english


its 5:36 am and i still can't sleep

when am i allowed to die

honestly it was like Power Rangers but good

as a kid that was one of the sickest tv series ever, it's still watchable today but it's clearly made for children so you might feel a bit of cringe while watching

anyone here remember the 1994 Megaman TV Series

I fell asleep watching Melee Compilations and wake up to Leffen comboing the shit outta top players at EVO

let's go

(not a great frequency for a voice btw)

excuse me could my voice please have a frequency of exactly 100hz, thanks

I just heard my voice on a video and wtf i hate it, it's way too high?

do you spend your time getting laid or learning how to code properly


fuck a big butt, fuck big titties, thicc thighs are where it's at

It's 3am

I'm drunk and at a friends place

Ask me dumb stuff, i'm bored

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