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Fey @Feyrir@niu.moe

forgot that shinoa was my avi, goddamn she's such a top tier girl

so i went outside today and some random ~15 y/o girls made fun of me and my looks/the fact that i don't have a gf

how'd your day go

that's not even a fun fact, just a fact

i'm a fraud

fun fact i am a big boy lover of Metal Gear Solid

when she can't eat snakes anymore

when she screams "snake eater"

I know you believe in god and all but have you considered 2D girls?

shit, i always forget to adjust privacy settings

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i just turn up every other month, drop some nonsense and disappear again

i'm glad that some of the people on the fediverse can appreciate my shitposts

the thicker the neck of an anime boy, the higher the power level

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thank you waifu2x

still a live saver

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i love jpgs which get run through a jpg filter so they basically look like feces

when did taiz become a fedora tipper