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Fey @Feyrir@niu.moe

thank you waifu2x

still a live saver

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i love jpgs which get run through a jpg filter so they basically look like feces

when did taiz become a fedora tipper

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have you ever heard of this so called "fusion" technique

my parents are watching a tv show which is basically just a Kickstarter competition

Bioshock 1 & 2 are only 6,50€ each on Steam ahhhhhhh, not having paypal is horrible

wow niu sure has the best admin ever, don't think there could be a better admin

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I publicly apologize for making @Feyrir feel mocked, wasn't the objective :blobheart:

mfw admin is mocking me

someone report the admin to an admin admin

i WoUlD pLaY hEaRtHsToNe BuT iT's JuSt PaY 2 WiN

i can't decide wether i should rewatch FMA Brotherhood or start Miss Kobayashi's

rawr xd means easy peasy kill me please-y in internet

>sees meme on twitter, posted 9mins ago
>same meme here, posted 5mins ago

y o u c a n ' t f o o l m e