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Eidonko @Eidon

They fit together
like two hands
- Adrian Belew


@tijagi Talking about Thoth again -- you're quite Hermetic Tija-nee-san! (Nazo?) Please be patient and help me understand 😄

@eidon Blub blub (iunno).

Understand what? Ah.

@tijagi I must be an extremely boring interlocutor to you. My apologies...

@eidon It isn’t boring, I just can’t switch between topics that fast, especially if some of them have already left my RAM, sorry. https://gs.smuglo.li/attachment/878183

@tijagi (not safe for work? and what's the meaning of that gif? okay I'm hopeless.)
How do you say "I'm hopeless" in Japanese?

@kfist @tijagi 本当にありがとう... I think 😄

@eidon Thanks be to @kfist. To check is not that big of a deal.
@tijagi @eidon I didn't cross the Dunning-Kruger ridge when it comes to moonrunes to be publicly wrong on a weeaboo instance. https://gs.smuglo.li/attachment/363941
@tijagi @eidon And I always quietly expect @hakui or the equivalent to tap me on the shoulder and tell me I'm wrong. https://gs.smuglo.li/attachment/630202
@hakui @chen @tijagi @kfist @eidon I'm glad they do. I didn't have that one.
@hakui @chen @tijagi @kfist @eidon What? The value of rare Hakuis went up out of nowhere.
@dolus @hakui @chen @tijagi @eidon We need to start up a new cryptocurrency called Hakuicoin based on the number of rare Hakuis.

@tijagi @kfist @dolus @chen @hakui

A poet I am not
And haikus are beyond me
Hakuis? Less than that!

@dolus @hakui @chen @kfist @eidon The rise of the Rare Hakuis market. Poor @shp, he invested in Tensi…

@shpuld @kfist @shp @dolus @tijagi @chen @hakui

'evening Lain-san! Pardon my ignorance -- what are hakuis?!

@hakui @chen @dolus @kfist @shpuld @shp @eidon Hai, Hakui-dono. Sirimasen desita. *cuts finger*
@hakui @kfist @eidon
The first would start a dialogue like
― Orra, gringo!
The second as
― Ara~, Kfist-chan…
And the third
― Chotto kimi! Oi!
@hakui @tijagi @eidon It's best if you do. The single best way to ensure learning is to tell someone that they're wrong when they're actually wrong.
@kfist @hakui @tijagi @eidon i just use hakui instead of google translate; much higher accuracy
@tijagi @hakui @kfist @eidon I can't call her hakui-sama bcuz it'd make it confusing when I talk to my hakui queen bee
@hakui @phildobangnz @kfist @eidon I feel like I am missing a tankobon of history here.
@tijagi @hakui @kfist @eidon I named one of my hives after hakui because they always try their best... The queen is therefore hakui-sama?
@tijagi @hakui @kfist @eidon Yes, as of this year I am the proud steward of two hives; I hope my Obama-est that they will survive the winter
@phildobangnz @kfist @hakui @eidon Oooh, you’re doing a good jobu! I wish I had relatives at some nice farm, where I could move for a week or two to get my brain off the computer-related stuff.

Eeh, ‘Obama-est’?

> ;
I thought, that dividing sentences with a semicolon is obsolete nowadays, is it not?
@tijagi @hakui @kfist @eidon Haha, sadly currently my bees are relegated to a wood-lot... Potentially a good thing if they survive, as 'forest-honey' fetches a premium, but there is less nectar yield to be had.
Obama-est as in 'Hope' bcuz he wuz 'president hope-n-change'

I think you will find most everything I do is obsolete nowadays
@phildobangnz @kfist @hakui @eidon Ah, I’m sorry, got what what you meant from second reading. ‘my Obama-est’ w I’ll remember it.

Eeh, I meant maybe that’s still in common use in Canada – if I remember correctly, where do you live. I’ve just remember that from Cambridge dictionary (on the pic), but it dictates rules for the UK, not Canada. Also its soft language: ‘commonly’, ‘normally’ etc. doesn’t inspire confidence. I liked English, when it was strict and resolute, now it’s ‘single quotes in double quotes or double quotes inside single quotes’ – no order. https://gs.smuglo.li/attachment/881692  
@tijagi @hakui @kfist @eidon for the most part we follow UK rules, with a couple updates that make us a bit more 'murican. I use semi-colons more than the average kanadajin if I had to guess.

Fortunately or not the stronkest aspect of english is its vagaries in specific instances; makes it easier to spread n bastardize, for better or worse.
@hakui @kfist @phildobangnz @eidon Hm? I personally find them superfluous in 99% of cases.

If a sentence comprising of two other sentences is short, it would be read easier with a simple comma.

Long sentences are hard to read in general, and if you stick several loosely related clauses into one, you’d better separate them for the reader’s sake. Yes there still are cases, where you can feel that ‘halftone’ of a sentence partly related, but telling its own story – I am familiar with those yet from my native language, which quite possibly has adopted the semicolon from the Brits – but to write this way requires a certain condition between clauses and writer’s skill to see it, implement it and keep the whole clause legible.

@tijagi @hakui @phildobangnz @eidon The way that colloquial language structures have changed over the past century means that a sentence with a semicolon is usually better and more easily understandable/readable if the sentence is split into two, or otherwise split using commas.
What I've noticed in literature is that around the 90s commas also started becoming "breathing points" indicating that the reader should take a short break there, as if they were breathing in while reading it aloud. I know that this mannerism shines through in my written works, after editing hundreds of pages of my own writing. It forces sentences to flow better at the cost of being less technically correct.
@kfist @hakui @phildobangnz @eidon  What mannerism you are talking about? Also I thought semicolons have come out of use earlier than in 00s, it’s not like that? I’d like to know how… habitual is it to see semicolons between sentences. https://gs.smuglo.li/attachment/49250
@tijagi @hakui @phildobangnz @eidon Usage of commas to stylistically break up sentences internally in order to make them flow more smoothly than simply having one large run-on sentence that conveys the same information and may have an if-then-because structure.
@kfist @hakui @phildobangnz @eidon And why do you think, that it’s a mannerism? I mean, what guidelines make you think that? As far as I know, there isn’t any reference book on some standardised English. Though I would want to have it.
@tijagi @hakui @phildobangnz @eidon There's no reference book on standardized English that I know of, mostly because English is so varied that it'd be difficult to retain any sort of legitimacy. Spanish, French, and Japanese get away with it, for example, because the way those languages spread and proliferate was very centralized.
@tijagi @hakui @kfist @eidon I think that Strunk & White book on writing style is more or less considered an informal standard for American English
@awg @hakui @tijagi @kfist @eidon only gaylords use style manuals by academic institutions obvz. the best way to work on your prose is to go do other shit and watch ppl die in Spain like Hemingway, or w.e
@phildobangnz @tijagi @kfist @hakui @eidon wasn't endorsing it myself.  and I think @kfist 's argument about variation is right on.  but it's the closest I've seen to a "standard" that many burger publishing houses abide by even if they use other guidelines.
@awg @hakui @tijagi @kfist @eidon I think you can't rlly take publishing houses at their word generally though... I've yet to see one that doesn't explicitly say 'we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts', not to mention they will still in some cases publish them... So i would just write my own way, and they can either edit it to their standards or accept it n kiss my ass. not that anyone is offering to publish anything I have written, naturally.
@phildobangnz @tijagi @kfist @hakui @eidon most publishers I'm familiar with have some kind of "house style", and will edit your work accordingly.  otoh most academic journals I'm familiar with will probably kick your paper back and ask you to make the changes for them before they'll accept it.
@eidon @hakui @tijagi @kfist @awg lol jebus; it's like all the GS users besides me are academics, practically! I like that there are things I can learn from you; dayum errybody here an academic besides me!? Well except hakui obvz, since she's proly a spy after all

@phildobangnz @awg @kfist @tijagi @hakui

...Talking about English and writing style -- the style I like the most is the one of the Okefenokee region 😄 🤣 😄


@tijagi @skoll @hakui @kfist @eidon @awg I heard the Gulag archipelago is nice this time of year...
@phildobangnz @kfist @awg @hakui @skoll @eidon My shoulders shivered before I expanded that conversation (and understood that you’re talking about yourself).
@tijagi @skoll @hakui @kfist @eidon @awg To be fair tho thx to Al Gore n his global warming machines, I'm sure soon enough the Gulag will be the Club Med of the Arctic circle.
@phildobangnz @kfist @awg @hakui @skoll @eidon Not in the near future, sadly. The first map shows where the mean annual temperature may stop falling below 0°C. https://gs.smuglo.li/attachment/885001 https://gs.smuglo.li/attachment/885002
@tijagi @skoll @hakui @kfist @eidon @awg lawl I was mostly kidding. It'd be nice if it could have such a redemption story though.
@phildobangnz @kfist @awg @hakui @skoll @eidon I know, I’m just interested in the Arctic development.

Putin must see far beyond to start investing in that region now, though it’s not like Russia could afford passageways without ice breakers in the near 100–300 years, as these maps show.

It makes me chuckle, but what, if his hopes are partly based in hurka durka piracy flourishing in the Indian sea, so that China would prefer to use railcars across Siberia or shipping over the Arctic to deliver goods into Europe. https://gs.smuglo.li/attachment/218897
@tijagi @skoll @hakui @kfist @eidon @awg o shit mb he'll move Somalia to the S China Sea
@tijagi @skoll @hakui @kfist @eidon @awg Well my understanding is Mao got tired of eating Russian chow mein so he split with stalin. I'm sure Putin wants to pay em back a lil
@phildobangnz @kfist @awg @hakui @skoll @eidon Eeh, but Mao lived in China, and we pity worst Korea.
@phildobangnz @kfist @awg @hakui @skoll @eidon Ah, please do.

I’ll definitely come to you, when my dan in mahjong drops again.
@phildobangnz @kfist @hakui @eidon I know about it, moreover, I’ve read it. Most of what’s said there is logical, but for some reason I considered the book obsolete. I thought that the authors died before WWII.
@tijagi @hakui @kfist @eidon  I think you're right, but I'm pretty sure a lot of what was in there was in line with how things have developed... I read it myself as well, but it was many years ago at this point.
@hakui @tijagi @kfist @eidon I can attest to this fact; semicolons are where tha real nibba nib
@phildobangnz @kfist @hakui @eidon > The queen is therefore hakui-sama?
If your wealth depends on her well being.
@tijagi @hakui @kfist @eidon well currently I has no job so I guess technically that is the case
@kfist @hakui @eidon Should we employ names like ‘Tija-nee (#pyatiysbe)’
Where the hastags would stand for ‘Please yell at me, if you see bad English?’
@tijagi @hakui @eidon Dunno, that kind of comes as standard if the errors are too egregious. I'd rather someone yell at me for wonky language skills as a given. 
@kfist @hakui @eidon Me too, but the only way I see so far is having open 24/7 sites like wiktionary, cambridge dictionary and context reverso.

Also I desperately seek for books where correct and incorrect wording would be present like in Nora Gal’s book. So far I got my eyes only on Strunk’s ‘The elements of style’ – but it’s on 75% a school book for six graders telling where to put commas and such (what do they teach in schools then w). Today I got to know about ‘Writing that works’ by Roman and Raphaelson, but it’s nowhere to be found so far. https://gs.smuglo.li/attachment/871079
@eidon @kfist @hakui Thanks, I have already downloaded it from two sources. At a glance, it’s not what I was looking for and after Ilyakhov’s book ‘Write, shorten’.  https://gs.smuglo.li/attachment/843931

@tijagi @kfist @hakui Oh pity, I had hoped I'd found it 😄

@kfist @tijagi @hakui What a lovely expression, "egregious error"!

@hakui @kfist @eidon > hastags
I officially admit, that nihonsiki has eaten out my brains. https://gs.smuglo.li/attachment/70087
@eidon @kfist You are so optimistic I want to give you Kafuka-pack for posting. https://gs.smuglo.li/attachment/878330