@tijagi Talking about Thoth again -- you're quite Hermetic Tija-nee-san! (Nazo?) Please be patient and help me understand 😄

@tijagi I must be an extremely boring interlocutor to you. My apologies...

@eidon It isn’t boring, I just can’t switch between topics that fast, especially if some of them have already left my RAM, sorry. https://gs.smuglo.li/attachment/878183

@tijagi (not safe for work? and what's the meaning of that gif? okay I'm hopeless.)
How do you say "I'm hopeless" in Japanese?

@tijagi @eidon I didn't cross the Dunning-Kruger ridge when it comes to moonrunes to be publicly wrong on a weeaboo instance. https://gs.smuglo.li/attachment/363941
@tijagi @eidon And I always quietly expect @hakui or the equivalent to tap me on the shoulder and tell me I'm wrong. https://gs.smuglo.li/attachment/630202
@hakui @chen @tijagi @kfist @eidon I'm glad they do. I didn't have that one.
@hakui @chen @tijagi @kfist @eidon What? The value of rare Hakuis went up out of nowhere.
@dolus @hakui @chen @tijagi @eidon We need to start up a new cryptocurrency called Hakuicoin based on the number of rare Hakuis.

@tijagi @kfist @dolus @chen @hakui

A poet I am not
And haikus are beyond me
Hakuis? Less than that!

@dolus @hakui @chen @kfist @eidon The rise of the Rare Hakuis market. Poor @shp, he invested in Tensi…

@shpuld @kfist @shp @dolus @tijagi @chen @hakui

'evening Lain-san! Pardon my ignorance -- what are hakuis?!

@hakui @kfist @eidon
The first would start a dialogue like
― Orra, gringo!
The second as
― Ara~, Kfist-chan…
And the third
― Chotto kimi! Oi!
@hakui @tijagi @eidon It's best if you do. The single best way to ensure learning is to tell someone that they're wrong when they're actually wrong.
@kfist @hakui @tijagi @eidon i just use hakui instead of google translate; much higher accuracy
@tijagi @hakui @kfist @eidon I can't call her hakui-sama bcuz it'd make it confusing when I talk to my hakui queen bee
@tijagi @hakui @kfist @eidon I named one of my hives after hakui because they always try their best... The queen is therefore hakui-sama?
@tijagi @hakui @kfist @eidon Yes, as of this year I am the proud steward of two hives; I hope my Obama-est that they will survive the winter
@phildobangnz @kfist @hakui @eidon > The queen is therefore hakui-sama?
If your wealth depends on her well being.
@tijagi @hakui @kfist @eidon well currently I has no job so I guess technically that is the case
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