Caged Cage -- a Grundgestalt Xenochrony (Xenochrony of two Grundgestalts)

Classic algorithmic generative process described in, with as input string "aaccdeegg", coupled with the orbits of the finite-state automaton of the Beggar-my-neighbour games in packs "cagedcage" .. "ccaaggeed" ("a" being the zero card).

The guitar track is only made audible around 1m12s and then fade out.

The penultimate note played by the percussions has been halved.

With thanks to Wim Vanderbauwhede-san (@wim_v12e) for inspiring me to make use of a "CAGE" seed.

Picture is a blend of the 3D Grundgestalt of "011112344" and of a photo I took at the Musée Universitaire de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium,
during their 2019 Exhibition "Images et illustrations au Japon d’Edo (1603-1868)".

Xenochrony is a technique introduced by Frank V. Zappa (

(c) Eidon ( All rights reserved.


Metadata field "Language" is set to Mathematics.


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