@toneji @eidon_channel
Thank you very much! Do you have an account on open.tube? If so, I'll follow you there ^^

@Eidon @eidon_channel I will make my account on open.tube.
It is interesting service for me.
Please wait a minute.

@toneji @eidon_channel
It's a very nice service! Unlimited uploads, and you can create playlists with your albums. Also, it's on the Fediverse 👌🏼

@Eidon @eidon_channel I have a question.
Can I follow your account on open.tube from Mastodon?

@toneji @eidon_channel

Yes! Open.Tube interfaces with the Fediverse, so you can. Open.Tube would then send you toots every time I publish a new music video.

@toneji @eidon_channel

Let me clarify
OpenTube interfaces the Fediverse, though it is not an instance of the Fediverse. An openTube user cannot receive toots. In fact the only toots that reach the fediverse are the announcements.

@Eidon @eidon_channel I see.
Now I have followed your account on open.tube.
Can you follow my account on Mastodon?

@toneji @eidon_channel
Unfortunately that is not possible

No open.tube user has the possibility to follow Fediverse users, or publish toots, or receive toots. Open.tube just pushes onto the Fediverse the announcements of new tracks that have been added to a Open.tube account. That's really a pity, it would be great if Open.tube were fully compliant instances of the Fediverse!

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