Angelo Branduardi

Ballo in Fa Diesis Minore

"Lyrics from an inscription of a Danse Macabre depiction at Clusone, near Bergamo. The melody is inspired by "Schiarazula Marazula", a medieval northern Italian theme which accompanied exorcism rites and which was collected by Giorgio Mainerio in his Primo libro de' balli (1578)" (

@Eidon Another great song by Branduardi! So nice to find out you like his music.

@wim_v12e Oh yes especially his early works are really nice ^_^ The very first song I played in front of an audience was actually Branduardi's "La Luna"!

I will definitely share others of his compositions ^_^

Wish you a lovely evening, Wim!

@Eidon I don't think I know his later work, what I know is what was played on the radio long ago. I remember this one, I also liked it a lot: "Cogli la prima mela"

@wim_v12e Yes Cogli La Prima Mela is a great album! It features a number of very different, amazing songs. Se Tu Sei Cielo is fascinating and has a great bass line; Il Signore Di Baux and Donna Ti Voglio Cantare time-travel you in the Middle Ages! Great album !

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