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Me, I'm just a lawnmower
you can tell me by the way I walk

nothing like a bun stampede before going to sleep...

berlusconi viene spesso considerato come un fenomeno quasi folkloristico

per alcuni certamente è un gran simpaticone, un mattacchione

non bisognerebbe mai dimenticare che cosa è berlusconi, cos'è il suo passato, il suo presente

bisogna calare il personaggio nel pratico e nel personale. Immaginate ad esempio di percorrere il deserto con berluconi ed una sola borraccia d'acqua...

@smotheredbyblankets I. Made. Brownies!!!!!!

Thank you so much for all the encouragement >.< I think they're kind of unevenly cooked. Somewhat burnt at the edges, and soft at the core...but I'm so glad I got to make these! I'm not sure if I would ever get around to doing it without your cheering me on ^^ hope to make a better batch next time!

there's no uninitialized variables

sometimes you just don't know what it's initialized with

@Nightingalle oh cool! He already walks across my keyboard so I’ll just let him type everything for me

🍩 I'm a crepe 🍩
🍩 I'm a weirdough 🍩
🍩 What the hell am I doughing here? 🍩
🍩 I donut belong here 🍩

Man is greedy-o
I certainly am
Not too long ago, a
and now I want another one

Nice lyrics if I may so myself

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