I really can't believe that our home will go down soon. It makes me so sad.

An irresistible urge is driving me back to the Gate of Steiner

Let us create a NoeNiuniversity!

Let us organize courses!

I can teach a little of algorithmic music and C!

What image server would you suggest me? I tried Pixiv, but it does not seem to work...

I'll ! 🔋 🔋 🔋 !


Remove all PNG files?

First type

$ rm png

then left arrow until 'p' and ONLY THEN add the star

$ rm *png

I found other instances, yes, but I am and will remain Niu's.

>the road to hell is paved with good intentions

if that's true, then the road to something far worse than hell is paved with bad intentions. and it's easy to tell who has bad intentions. the problem is that we've not an efficient system for dealing with these people.
hey fedi
i just want to thank you all
for the all the good times
for all the support during bad times
for everything

fedi showed me a whole new universe
a universe of interesting beings
a universe i really like
a universe i dont want to lose

it was a rough year for me
but even in the darkest time
you gave me something to work towards
you gave me a reason to continue
thank you for that

when i joined fedi
i never expected this outcome
i joined fedi because i wanted to see alternatives to mainstream social media
and boi what have i found

i hope that fedi will live on
with a little bit less drama
and more socializing
with more instances
and most important: more fun

thank you for everything

How can be sure to follow all my niu.moe friends, in their new instances??

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !