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...../ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄\
....|) ◯ ◯ ◯ (|
/ _______\
 ̄ \_\_/_/  ̄
   ·*・ 🐂。
   ☆∴。 *
  ・ *゚。 🐄 *
 ・*  🐂 ゚*。・゚★。
    🐃☆゚・。🐄*. ゚
  * . ゚。·*・。. ゚*。★ pawoo.net/media/YPWbF7yd1ds0Sr

I love this character! So beautiful...

Little know fact that Dr.Pepper previously was a Sgt.Pepper and he made the Lonely Hearts Club Band
Reminder that Genghis Khan:

* Lost his clan when he was a preteen - his father was killed and everyone scattered, he was taken as a slave by a rival clan

* Spent most of his childhood either enslaved or desperately impoverished, scavenging from the land with no owned livestock (the lowest role in Mongol society)

* Had his wife abducted and raped before he could rescue her (and then killed her rapists and took her back, raising the illegitimate son as his own heir because he knew it wasn't her fault OR the baby's)

* Spent years in a foreign prison

* Came out to find his family impoverished, scavenging and even selling themselves, built it all up from scratch to become wealthy (in livestock, the thing that Mongols used to trade and confer status)

* Failed many times in uniting the clans, suffered one particularly devastating loss they saw him lose all but his very closest friends

* IN HIS LATE FORTIES finally succeeded at uniting the Mongols, and then went on to establish the largest empire the world had ever known

So if you're ever feeling like you're "so old" (probably still in your twenties anyway lmao) or like you "always lose", remember Temujin, who never gave up and became a living legend.

Thanks for waiting. We released second song! 🤘

お待たせ。二作目リリースしたよ! 🤘


Aargh, I cannot listen now!!! I need to be patient!

Illusion of Ideal - To Ember ~ Crepuscular Euphoria
This is our second song, "To Ember" and "Crepuscular Euphoria".
"To Ember" is a prelude for CE.

The lyrics are here


What I always tell myself is: be careful, be careful, be extra careful. Because it's easy to say thinks that hurt.

Two Documentaries Introduce Delia Derbyshire, the Pioneer in Electronic Music goo.gl/Co4FxX t.co/a9jgIySq3e

How to Write in Cuneiform, the Oldest Writing System in the World: A Short, Charming Introduction openculture.com/?p=1052020 t.co/JqMKipcZqW

Hi @the34ch ! Thank you for following me from this other account :)

@tija This one has been one of the best world championships I've ever followed. I think that many people will agree to this. I'm glad that this Russian event will be rembered for this.

(...and now, finally, I can forget about football for another four years!)

If your dark eyes were an universe,
I give my soul to lose myself inside them an eternity.
If your smile shines, I would like to stay seeing it as traveling by infinite.
Give me your songs to store them in my heart
Give me your heart to fill it with a rainbow of colors.