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Two moons in her eyes
Past returns to haunt Present
Too high is her moon

Me, in real life, today 

An appropriate song for today:

GO!GO!7188 - 雨のち雨のち雨 ("Rain, rain and more rain")

「のち」(nochi, 後) is used in the weather forecast, but usually in "rain, then sunny" 「雨後晴」.
The song is not about the weather but about love.
"Why don't you want to talk to me?"
"Why are you looking at me like that?"
"My right hand is about to freeze off!"


今日も一日中 空を見ていた
雲が うかんでた

"Today all day I was looking at the sky. Clouds floated by. A lukewarm breeze was blowing."

今日も一日中 海を見ていた
舟が うかんでた

"Today all day I was looking at the sea. Boats floated by, heading straight for the horizon."

今夜も一晩中 空を見ていた

"Tonight all night I was looking at the sky. Stars were streaming by. The stillness was running into the distance."

The song has a peculiar refrain with an A-B-A structure, both musically an lyrically

きっといつも こんな風に
空ばかり 見ていれば

"Surely if you could in this way always just be looking at the sky,
you could probably live without regret, couldn’t you?"

届かなくて 伝わらなくて空回り 自己嫌悪

"Self-hatred would be fruitless effort, it wouldn’t get anywhere"

きっと いつも こんな風に

"Surely if you could in this way always just be breathing,
that would be an easy life, wouldn’t it?"

Further on part A of the refrain returns with a slight modification

きっといつも こんな風に

"Surely if you could in this way always just be, doing nothing,
you could probably live without thinking hateful thoughts, couldn’t you?"

Then the refrain is deconstructed, and the final line is


"If you could just be breathing!"

It is in a slow 3/4, and then the opening riff kicks in again.

小さな恋のうた - MONGOL800
("A small love song")

広い宇宙の数ある一つ 青い地球の広い世界で
小さな恋の思いは届く 小さな島のあなたのもとへ
あなたと出会い 時は流れる 思いを込めた手紙もふえる
いつしか二人互いに響く 時に激しく 時に切なく
響くは遠く 遥か彼方へ やさしい歌は世界を変える
ほら あなたにとって大事な人ほど すぐそばにいるの
ただ あなたにだけ届いて欲しい 響け恋の歌
ほら ほら ほら 響け恋の歌

あなたは気づく 二人は歩く暗い道でも 日々照らす月
握りしめた手 離すことなく 思いは強く 永遠誓う
永遠の淵 きっと僕は言う 思い変わらず同じ言葉を
それでも足りず 涙にかわり 喜びになり
言葉にできず ただ抱きしめる ただ抱きしめる
ほら あなたにとって大事な人ほど すぐそばにいるの
ただ あなたにだけ届いて欲しい 響け恋の歌
ほら ほら ほら 響け恋の歌

夢ならば覚めないで 夢ならば覚めないで
あなたと過ごした時 永遠の星となる

Kintaro Ishikawa (linkedin): "I made the artwork with Thread. The title is ' A View in Italy '
( Thread Art )

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The Dutch expression for "I agree with you" is "ik ben het met u eens"

Now, "eens" makes me think of "een" ("one"), so I tend to mentally translate that expression as "I'm one with you".

Despite I know it's not correct ^_^'

...We are like " Flower Leaves on a Pond "...

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