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Hi Olivia, thanks for following from soykaf ^_^


Sun about to set over Fushimi, near #Kyoto

🎶ギラギラ太陽 照らされたい🎶

#Japan #photography #mastoart

The final one in my "great #coffee of #Kyoto" mini-series, this was this morning in Café KOTO, in Kyoto station. The coffee is almost an afterthought next to the fabulous red bean paste on toast, but it is actually quite good, and look how they brew it!

I already posted about it today, but this video is VERY FUCKING COOL please watch

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Piacere di conoscerti Kadinen! Grazie di seguirmi!

Ogni volta che vedo gente comune difendere i fasci o metterne in dubbio la pericolosità o l'esistenza, penso ad un'oca che difende il circolo della caccia.

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I was thinking of Citrus, a manga that started as a yuri product and ended being a great romantic story.

What happened, I asked myself.

The characters happened, is all. the characters took a life of their own, and hijacked the story.

Fascinating. I wonder what Pirandello would have thought of this...

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