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So this is クリスマス ...

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Boku dake ga Inai Machi (僕だけがいない街, The Town Without Me)


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BnHA, etc etc, you got it -- risk of being spoiled -- yabbadabba Show more

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@Eidon Huh, shouldn't he shrug? Or at the very least hold up the sky?

BnHA spoilers Show more

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Stream the “Complete” John Coltrane Playlist: A 94-Hour Journey Through 700+ Transformative Tracks.

There go your next four days… bit.ly/2CpIEUB t.co/0saqEkRrCI

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OK here's an official statement: I don't care if you use Pleroma, Friendica, GS, MAstodon, postActive, Diaspora, whatever. Use what you want and like.

Except Discord.

From Noemi Barrazueta

"Meet Atlas from Boston Dynamics"


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With all due respect
I can't but loving you all

Interesting how the cut-off line between the Gold Age and Modern Age in comics may be identified into a single event -- the death of Gwen Stacy

<< "no Hero academia" will ever save you >>, the Evil Ones seem to say
(apologies for the pun)

Boku no Hero Academia tells of the clash between two comic books "models":

The Golden Age model: the age of the heroes, who are able to protect our lives against whatever the evil


The modern age model, in which evil is much more complex and twisted and, yes, real. No hero can save everyone; blood is shed, lives are lost.

It is an amazing reflection piggybacked in an amazing Epic.

What's the most known city in Belgium?








She's not concerned at all and the truth is



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2 episodes of my hero academia and I've cried like 5 times lol

Hello Yuki-san, thank you for following me! Nice to meet you! :)