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Good day to you, Princess of Mars! How are you doing? I hope you're good! ^_^


You might have surmised that I'm reading Maison Ikkoku... Show more

Yesterday I visited again my Secret Garden ^_^

(Camera: Xiaomi HM NOTE 1S, HDR, automatic, no effects)

I think of all the women's clothing Kimono is the noblest and most beautiful

Perhaps they represent a perfect harmony between nature and woman

Mozart’s Diary Where He Composed His Final Masterpieces Is Now Digitized and Available Online

Being a writer must be truly wonderful

a little stressful too ^_^'

you plan your story, you start to tell it; you have a clear idea of the beginning and of the end

Then you are in the middle of it -- and you need to let the story go

It must be coherent, it must be funny, it must be new

So you introduce new elements, new ingredients

and the story becomes alive and takes control of itself!!

Amazing ^^

About 17:00. Time to make a list of things I'm expected to do next week, so that I have a baseline for my procrastination powers.

even with the poorest views, it's not likely you'd confuse an adult male Pallid Harrier (Circus macrourus) with too many other species--here's one that was circle-soaring high overhead with a Black Kite and a Steppe Buzzard.

abbiamo trovato questo progetto.

Il creatore è anche presidente di
Vorremmo partire da questo software che usa lo stesso protocollo di Diaspora ma punta a unire tutto il fediverso..
L'idea è sviluppare un social con strumenti pensati apposta per la politica...
Se conoscete dei programmatori Python o affini che potrebbero essere interessati a collaborare mi potete mettere in contatto?

#fediverso #diaspora #thefederation #python #developer #socialhome #gnu #ecosistema

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !