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yo yee self aware entities of matter, add me on bandcamp and I might send you some muzak for my favorite artists

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Oh my

I've been playing Final Fantasy games for more than 15 years and it's only today that I realised that a

"Phoenix down"

is actually a
"Phoenix feather"

like the way pillows and duvets use "down"

fuck me

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It's a perfectly cromulent word.

There's many reasons why Richard Feynman is my personal hero, but here's a little glimpse if you're interested

liche rally

when I hear some people say "literally"

Beef/chicken/kimchi, beer and ASMR at ~3AM

why the fuck not

is this fermented habenero thing I forgot about for a few months spicy

holy fuck it is yes

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keto man

what I ate today


fuckin good

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Daily reminder that dreams DO come true
Here is neko Lum for proof

why is my computer slow....

oh yeah, I'm compiling C++ with all the threads

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