ffs, we're waiting until June of next year for GuP Das Finale Part 2?


"a: qcd ;w j c"

"Is your keyboard broken?"

"No, I was trying to exit vim."

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what if someone was on my 600 lb life but they were a healthy weight, they were just like 20 feet tall

Next is Seedless Watermelons Against Seedless Catholics.

I wanna visit Normandy at one point. Apparently there's a village called Saint-Côme-du-Mont that has a special plaque dedicated to Joe Beyrle. I wonder what else is there!

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Friend sent me this over Discord a while back. Figured I'd share the cuteness. :)

She looks so cute and comfy. Awoo!

Woo it's no longer freezing outside at night! Temperature's back up to about 50°.

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Next time you (wrongly) think to yourself that pineapple on pizza is an abomination, remember that the Japanese put stuff like mayo, corn, and fish sperm on their’s. Pineapple doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?

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