Look what I found.
Also tagging @Miaourt explicitly. J'ai trouvé.

@Miaourt I had the poetic interpretation that the ship is not sinking. They are ships instead, and they are just setting sail to new destinies.

Checking my RNG.
Responsible Dungeon♂Masters always calibrate their dice (?).

Today's level of trust 

Low and toxic as licking batteries.
Today I said the following:
Girls only get into relationships by mistake. (Barring revenges to spite their exes)
When they figure out who you are or get bored they start looking for an excuse to give you the boot or otherwise leave you alone.
At least I can laugh at myself by remembering Adachi.

Chlorine emergency kit. Tools to survive, still in the box (someday they'll hang them in a wall).

Aguas de Corrientes' river pump house and crude water manifold. Impulse room with old console (used as engine thermometer nowadays).
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Corrientes is upon the river. Pics: The bridge of cable-stayed design, Constanera Avenue, Saint Sebastian point.

River, city and province to the right and province to the left as seen from General Belgrano . Looking towards the Northeast. The river is low and sand banks are visible.

In this sunny and warm spring day the are back. Both common bees and stingless new world bees made a comeback. I saw at least 4 common bees (Apis mellifera) and a single something.

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