Apparently Millenials Are Demigods And Boomers Should Be Terrified Because They Are About To Be Destroyed As Well

As a new parent more than ever before: Sleep buttons on keyboards should be legally banned

The new Venom movie looks great :blobcatsurprised:

‫Gargron give me a gf or i will mail you a hundred dollar to buy 2 pounds of pretzels

I wish I could temporarily remove my bones. It would help with the back pain and I would love to see people freak out over me becoming a mushy ball flopping around on the floor.

i wish i could hug people over the internet

It's probably still Christmas somewhere right? Well, Happy Yule that's 4 days late.

you call yourself a communist but don't seed your torrents???

i wish someone would hack my student loan accounts and pay off my loans.

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