What's it called when you're excited by the concept of doing programming but get bogged down by the reality

The extension method thing is especially frustrating to me since it seems to fit well with the language model except the team made a principled decision to disallow functions with receivers in different packages

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golang has a lot going for it, but it doesn't have generic types or extension methods, which are two of my favorite language features

A well kept backup server being necessary to the integrity of my data backups the right of the people to install and use freenas shall not be infringed.

Aw fug, I left my thinkpad power adapter at my friend's house :blobcatfluffangry:

Communication apps notify you when another human is trying to interact with you; "social" apps do this but also notify you at random to try and get your attention

If you're the kind of nomad who's curious about cloud IDEs, gitpod.io is the best one I've found so far

Your thermostat, toaster oven, and front lights all having globally routable IP addresses is sooooooooo 2019.

Isn't it time you could boost your dehumidifier's current status? Aren't you excited for people to angrily recommend that others block and report your doorbell?

Your IoT devices NEED ActivityPub.

The release notes say it's for Intel security advisories so my bet is that it breaks a few more things.

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Will this Dell bios update fix my laptop's issues or cause other issues? Maybe both

A while ago, one of y'all mentioned an email provider that was

- Heckin' cheap
- Supported unlimited custom domains
- Didn't have webmail (at least at the time)

But I've 100% lost the link, can someone remind me?

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

You continue shouting "pp smol!" until the black
dragon stops laughing.

"Well?" asks the black dragon.

"I shall defeat you for the good of the land!"

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