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The idea to name my workspaces in Japanese numerals to learn them passively was kinda cool. And looks great

Just a Maine Coon snatching a raspberry, a moment randomly caught on film.

Creepy. Love it.

Also, 8GB of RAM is (APPARENTLY) not enough to compile stuff like QtWebEngine.

QtWebKit just turned the "compile it yourself" table.

When it's cold outside, you're commuting, but Mastodon is too addictive to put the phone away:

Is this what Electron programming on Macs looks like?

TIL Google owns domain, that often confuses DDG users (who "duck it" instead of "googling"). This is what it looks like.

OverTheWire ( is awesome. I just wanted to finish the introductory course today...

Now I'm on level 25/32, and my password-cracking parallelized solution written in pure bash is storming that poor daemon.

I feel like I start to ascend. Somewhere.

I just found XKCD's "Map of Online communities", dated 2010. (

I managed to find Diaspora!

I'm also trying out a new zsh prompt, and small crisp fonts look so good with it

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Fonts are evil. Scientifica is the cutest font IMO, but no Unicode and only 11px :(

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !