Rust WebAssembly is freaking great, and I did not expect how much it is.

Found a project called StandardFile ( - it's a client-server protocol for encrypted file storage. There is a client lib in JS and servers in Ruby and Go.

They say that some clients (like browsers) can't support the needed level of crypto because it's CPU-heavy. Well...

I just wrote a lib for that protocol and integrated it with wasm. And it worked great, with OS-like randomness generation and all that stuff.

For comparison: they want their clients to use >= 100_000 iterations for key derivation, while "some clients" confidently support ~ 3_000. My lib did 1_000_00 iterations like it was nothing, using the first crypto crate I found on

Okay. I believe in this stuff, should research more.

And the idea of doing this project just for the sake of having a full client-server system in Rust is fine enough reason for me :)

@BrightOne Thanks for posting this! Considering there's so much overlap in what Datashards is doing here, I'll be interesting to see if I couldn't use something similar to do what we need to do.

If you know these folks, I have some questions!

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