When you remove SD card from your phone, you have 4 GB internal memory, 3.95 GB of which is full:

Security: Cleaned 1.95 GB of junk.

Well, that's just a rude thing to say about all my stuff.

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I sent my CVs to GitHub for their interships. I have very mixed feeling about this. San Francisco though...

Why did I think getting chatty on the internet with a splitting headache was a good idea? Who knows. But I feed better now.

And yeah, three toots is 'chatty' for me, at least recently.

Aaaaand I just realized I've been missing out on articles for my blog.

Am I really not doing anything remotely interesting? Maybe.
It has only one article now :(

I think I'm becoming passively offensive to everyone

Is this what Electron programming on Macs looks like?

What to do when your Gentoo install is so great and perfect in all ways?

Discover Source Mage.

Now I have an urge to try it.
But I don't have time :)

TIL Google owns duck.com domain, that often confuses DDG users (who "duck it" instead of "googling"). This is what it looks like.

Just read a Hardware Maintenance Manual for my ThinkPad T420.
God, these are probably the best manuals I've ever read.

I cracked the bezel around the screen a little (that was a high fall, I must say). Thought it was a minor problem, nobody writes about that. Still, looked through HMM.

It had "LCD bezel assembly" as a replaceable unit, guides how to remove and repair it. I'm just amazed.

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lol, amp. i noticed that a page would suddenly appear after 8 seconds of waiting if i disabled js, which seemed pretty weird.

turns out that there's a css3 anim to hide the page for 8 full seconds (that is skipped when the js loads ofc).

this is *required* by the amp standard. your page fails validation if you don't do this.

sure makes these goog results look kinda suspicious, huh

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we regret to inform you (not really) that the monterey bay aquarium is now horny on main

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Regarding the Firefox DNS stuff - I recommend you read both Mozilla's blog post[0] as well as the ungleich.ch post criticising it[1], and then come up with your own conclusions.

[0]: blog.nightly.mozilla.org/2018/
[1]: blog.ungleich.ch/en-us/cms/blo

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people say you can fit an entire library inside a hard drive. how. there's no openings on the hard drive or any slots to put books in, i havent been able to fit a single one inside. i think people are lying to me

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I'm "done" with Bandit. I managed to finish 26 without any walkthroughs, and I'm content.

Bloody hard at first, laughably easy in the end.
Now it's time to watch some anime, my head needs a relief :)

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