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I get quite a few annoying recruiter emails. I definitely don't want these jobs, it's just blatant spam that seems endemic in tech recruitment. Hassling people to work for you is not ok.

So, my new plan: return fire on all of them with GDPR.

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So there was a big protest today by schoolkids who blew off school and marched in the streets over government inaction on climate change.

The Prime Minister has said they should be less activist and focus on their schooling instead.

I just saw this sign. These kids are great.

#auspol #protest #activism

Creepy. Love it.

Also, 8GB of RAM is (APPARENTLY) not enough to compile stuff like QtWebEngine.

QtWebKit just turned the "compile it yourself" table.

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#Briar is an unusual kind of messenger for Android devices: there are no servers, messages are stored on your phone and sent directly to your contact's phone through TOR, wi-fi or bluetooth.

It's designed for journalists, activists, people working in disaster zones and anyone interested in "off the grid" communication.

The official site is here:


The app is free, open source and available through @fdroidorg and Google Play.

#AlternativesAtoZ #Privacy #MeshNetworks

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Does someone know how to set up GitLab CI?


I would need help for setting up the .gitlab-ci.yml file and also about changes on build.gradle

Thanks for helping/sharing.

Mastalab fixed their login screen.

Now I'm very tempted to switch back from Tusky. Mastalab has improved significantly :)

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Seen my niece for the first time in a while.

Niece: "How is pixelfed?"
Me: "Its coming along well"
Niece: "Can I see it?"

I show her the #DogsOfPixelfed and #CatsOfPixelfed hashtags. Even though she loves my dog, she is still on team #CatsOfPixelfed 😆

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Found the latest edition of the Fediverse Instance Core Beliefs
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GF: - What do you want for Christmas?
- I have no idea.
- No, what you really want?
- Uhh... Probably this RPi USB to SATA connec-
- No, I mean *REALLY*
- Nevermind, I just want books

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I like people who write their own man pages with the most important information they keep forgetting about existing command. Keep this info in text files and use a little script like mman to access those text files; keep using man for the original.

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new rule: whether a child's parent is a "dad" or a "mom" is now entirely based on whether said parent likes telling dad jokes.

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An nice article by @peter talking about how Mastodon and the #Fediverse is not really a #Twitter replacement, but an alternative:


Even more these days I think it's more of an IRC replacement. Usually you don't go on #Mastodon to meet your friends and family, but meet new, like-minded people you, at best, didn't know before. Basically what we did on #IRC in the early days.

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Reading the #RustLang book is a treat. So much stuff that causes headaches and uncertainty in other languages is just handled in the core language in Rust.

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hannah if ur out there pls dm me pls boost to help me locate my soul mate

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Setting my desktop background to a transparent PNG so I can see through my screen

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