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I had a nice 2 hour nap earlier, but now after animu and u2be I've got 6 hours to sleep before work. Am I adulting correctly?

Anyways, nini fedi uwu

Hot idea: replace lunch hours with nap hours

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I just saw a giant pinata going 60mph and I'm just confused rn

Imagine hashing a file and you get "lee3eeeal" returned.

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Tired: Emacs, Vim

Wired: Wine Notepad

This fool just paid $100 for a hat wth

How to get me to take quick showers: use a countdown timer in the form of a semi clogged drain.

New workout idea. Move your server sized computer up and down the stairs

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About to do my first day of work after college. Wish me luck fedi! :blob_grinning_sweat:

Shoutouts to @Ste1lar for the wonderful cursed images

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