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chess, go, carrom and mahjong. Long ago, the four boring tabletop games lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when AlphaGo attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four games and the most boring person on this goddamn planet, could stop it, but when the world needed him the most, he said he won't play AlphaGo in a match, so the AI wouldn't learn and copy his tricks.

theory: people on Fedi think that "decentralized" means that centrists aren't allowed, so they play out their political beliefs into radicalism to not get banned

ive finally done it
i've finally created the

Someone asked if KDE (or Plasma) have a "default" or focus distro...
See one thing I like about KDE as a community is its anarchic nature.

Throw three KDE members into a room and you can bet your ass that ten minutes later when you open the door, two of them will be arguing in a corner and the third is busy creating their own music player from scratch, & a fourth (who you have no idea how they got there) watch. Some think that's a problems, others (me included) see it as it's biggest benefit.

This is the best rendition of Bongo Cat thus far.

> "I'm an Anticapitalist"
> "Mobile apps developer"
> has iPhone X

*laughs in dollar signs*

I may be forced to resign from Alpine, because I cannot see an ethical path forward that allows myself to contribute to a product Microsoft consumes in their attempts to promulgate Linux to an β€œapp you download from the Windows Store.”

Where I am from, you don’t negotiate with terrorists, and Microsoft continue to terrorize many projects, companies and individuals with their software patent portfolio.

There is a strong reason why at work, we will only ever touch free software when building solutions for our customers. This is because software freedom is the most important concern when providing infrastructure and solutions to the most vulnerable among us. Software freedom keeps them safe.

To assist Microsoft in their efforts of promulgation is to assist them in their ongoing efforts to undermine software freedom. WSL is a trojan horse. It is not our friend, and we should not tolerate it’s consumption of our distributions.

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