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The idea that communism makes people more free is one of the most genocidal scams in human history.

Discord dead again. I should finally set up that Synapse homeserver...

#systemd is amazing. Produces copious amounts of logging that do not actually say anything useful.

ThinkPad X200

Compact and lightweight
Up to 8GB of RAM (user-upgradable)
Good battery life
All hardware works perfectly with upstream kernel
Best keyboard ever made (bonus: user replacable)
Clit mouse (X220 if you like touchpads)
12" 1280x800 display
WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth
Fingerprint reader
Labelled screws tell you what to open to get to which components
coreboot supported
Most HW works with niche operating systems (tested: NetBSD, Minix, Haiku, 9front)
$40-$150 on eBay

I believe that the difference between the "free speech" part of the Fediverse (I have no better name for it) and the "SJW-Mastodon" part is not really political. It is a major cultural difference.
I think people on the "free speech" part are much more likely to be decent human beings with whom you could have polite and civil discussion about disagreement, share non-PC jokes and just have fun without having to virtue signal.
The "SJW-Mastodon" part of the Fediverse is mostly known for its complete intolerance of anything non-egalitarian or non-PC. People there will call you names, smear shit over you and generally be dishonest even if you just ask a question. The interactions I had with that side in the past couple days really leave that impression. Only on this part you see my instance blocked and the reason is "wrong ideals" or "ancaps. LOL.".
To me this is a difference between being a basically decent human being and dishonest, malicious, narcissistic garbage.

#Mastodon really needs a groups feature, preferably one that is compatible with OStatus groups. #Diaspora needs one, too.

These kinds of communication relays are actually really useful in community-building. In a microblogging environment, it's a powerful feature that Twitter doesn't offer.

>suspended for wrong ideals
one of those evenings when I wonder why non-2hu music even exists, so many gems in the 2hu doujin music scene

IT'S ALIVE! (inb4 temporary address, will be changed later this year :P)

Good morning. I've been informed about some drama in the GNU Social and Mastodon community today, I'll now have to see if any instances have blocked my instance just for following Lain, etc. No clue why people don't like him, he seems like a nice guy and I enjoy talking to him.