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R. KoƂucki @BluRaf@niu.moe

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Today's campus tour was sponsored by Ericsson and my parents. *goes to sleep after exhausting his legs*

>tfw you've finally got a booking in one of uni's student dorms, but dorm to which you've got assigned is 1 hour away on foot from your university niu.moe/media/lO6F0T2mTVwCM5_E


ffs, I hate LG on-screen keyboard.
I wish I could still use my old Nokia X with Nuance Swype ;w;

30 minutes aftee midnight. What am I doing instead of sleeping? Reading about implementing MVC in own PHP application without frameworks.

inb4 going back to Python after finishing my actual side project (^^;

@MarcinMikolajczak jbc dokoƄczyƂem twoje tƂumaczenie joinmastodon.org, siedzi w pull request #42: github.com/tootsuite/joinmasto

drop the bass.

no, really, drop it a couple dB, I can't hear the horns.

>tfw your retro pc died after installing new sound card ;_;

If someone is curious: this piece of script is from Microsoft Personal Web Server, which includes simple business card-alike website creator with simple file hosting and guestbook. All written in VBScript. Because why not.

Is liking Serial Experiments Lain a requirement for participating in the fediverse?

(I do like it, just amused by how much it comes up here)