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This product will not operate when connected to a device which makes unauthorized copies.

Please refer to your instruction booklet for further information.

The score for the THX “Deep Note” sound, made public for the first time after 35 years:

Oh man, looks like some news website did a really good job in spirit of :
Isn't this website lovely?
No ads, no cookies, no tracking, no 3rd party JS, only very minimal 1st party JS that seems to do nothing, (and the site works OK without it).
And look at how fast it loads!

This... this is what the internet should look like I think.

So, Matrix is dying. The server is too heavy to run, the protocol is mismanaged , and two of the biggest homeservers (tchncs and have closed registrations. Another, disroot, is considering shutting down their HS. At this point, an alternative needs to show up, and soon.

IMHO XMPP could be really close to succeed but there are few things which would need to happen: (1) define a set of modern XEP's as mandatory for every XMPP server. (2) have a "official" public server with a nice web interface like movim (similar to and riot). (3) opt-in "address book" to map email addresses, phone numbers, etc to JID's. (4) A good iOS client.

Cc @phil @ScriptFanix

At we don't allow user registration because we care about your safety.

this time: ThinkPad X200 with Intel Core 2 Duo P8800 -> can be librebooted probably without problems with suspend or virtualization! \o/

aww yiss, new ThinkPad arrived to my basement in hometown :3

Forgetting your headphones is the greatest pain.

At times I wonder what exactly HTML-enabled e-mail has improved:

* phishing, definitely,
* illegible e-mail because fonts & stuff never look the same at the other end,
* bandwidth wastage,
* forcing people to "load remote content".

Once I was in an argument where HTML e-mail was meant to help those visually impaired but surely a text reader has a much better chance of getting it right with plain text?