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█▬█ █ ▀█▀ @BluRaf

WataMote - don't even try to watch it without some vodka D:

R.K., your trusted (un)authorized IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad dealer 😂

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@redsPL don't run away when I'm talking to you xD niu.moe/media/LbRz5sd2vy68gpZ3

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@redsPL nice usage of the perspective 😂 😂 😂

@Technowix these ThinkPads with Megumin as wallpaper are owned by @redsPL IIRC

@shimon well, our initial plan was to do some hacking on RasPi's, but I forgot to prepare initial Raspbian images and Raspbian Lite image from @redsPL wasn't working properly :G

Hackers' presentation system:
- one shit-tier smartphone for internet routing via wifi
- one ThinkPad
- one 2.1 sound system
- x.org with simple window manager (actually amiwm maintained by @redsPL)
- seamonkey pointing to my self-refreshing page with wifi data and media system passwds
- script launching mpv with proper geometry and optimal video quality (triggered via ssh)
production-grade system verified by me, @redsPL, @Bonn333, @shimon and others at starepro.info hackathon party

Damn, over 2 months spent on just... browsing internet. I need to take a break. And to find a job :G

If the web develops the way it does now we will have 3 distinct zones.

1. The commercial web

DRM filled, fueled with advertisement and tracking. Essentially low quality amusement.

2. The dark/deep web

TOR, activism, privacy, illegal+legal anonymous trades

3. Bunch of retro people running BBS'es, peddling e-zins and demos.

The web as we know it from the 90s - content first.

I miss the old web, can we take a shortcut to #3 faster?

Sorry for the silence from me, I was practically in "vegetative" state while waiting for the final exam results. I'm disappointed with them, but still they should be enough for me to be admitted to the university.
Now: some alcohol, Minecraft and incoming paperwork :P niu.moe/media/aoGitt202ZUwcU_N

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