sunmaid opened issue ⌗611: Poorly designed meme at Pleroma / pleroma

This meme would be much more effective if “on” from the third panel was concatenated with the second panel’s “an instance,” resulting in “an instance on,” and if everything following was moved over one panel previous, excepting the url “” which would sit on its own as the final panel. Three things will be accomplished here: Panel 3’s expressive emphaticness will be more effectively utilized emphasizing the titular subject “Pleroma” instead of the minor adverb “on.” The last panel is currently squeezing the url into the finality bubble, ruining the strength of its finality. Stuffed content is always emblematic of poorly designed, insincerely motivated memetics because it causes such obvious damage to its memetic expression, only a disingenuous and misunderstanding actor would make use of it. It is always a mistake and this rectifies the non-satisfaction of stuffed content mitigating any possible finality. Moving the url to its own dedicated bubble, with the strong emphaticness of the final image, results in the url itself becoming something of its own punchline. It’s the kicker, if you will, extending the sardonic roots of the meme to its fullest functional expression.

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note to self: sort my following lists on all my fedi accounts and import 'em all to new account on pleroma instance :G Subtle and not-so-subtle shell tweaks that will slowly drive people insane.

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by the way, did you know that Pleroma and AndStatus are collaborating on building a production ActivityPub C2S client?

read about it here:

I don't know what I hate more: winter or too small CPLD chips

My fuckin' Arubacloud VPS still has no internet connection. Maybe it's time to finally move my crap to Hetzner?

Did 3 projects for uni in VHDL today, I don't want to see any keypads or multiplexed 7-segment displays for the next week 🤢

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