aoc 2019 day 1 solution 

aoc 2019 day 1 solution 

i'm not taking the speed part seriously, ik i can't compete with a busy life. let's see how far i can go

i started today advent of code, finished day 1 in like 4 lines of js (not counting parsing input and showing the results)

why yes i was """(/(/)(DIV>PROGRAMMING</DidV>""" html css all day long yes how could you tell

css endgame: a webpage that has more divs than atoms in the known universe to style every one of them

css then: div div div div div
css now: div script template div grid flexbox div bootstrap div div div

not bad for a golang(echo framework) api in a docker container (ofc using redis+limiters, it's insane to always hit the db for every GET)

the difference: ...only text and json. like any *chan API but with a reddit-style comment section (every post can be a thread itself with posts as replies)

i'm still working on this concept and it's neat, works surprisingly well with golang as the backend

i really like super mario war, one of the best "minigames" ever made

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