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guess i gotta find some new mastodon friends(tm)

although i'm not talking a lot in here i've been on mastodon all the time

Maybe lurking the changelog could help imao

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I'm really back to Mastodon. Whoa, this thing is changed a lot

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Honestly I didn't expect Mastodon would *really* support Keybase proof

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Did your grandpa or grandma ever tell you about when the Pyramids were built? Mine didn't and I don't know why they never talked about it, it must have been quite the event.

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Updated with a note that you can request to be paid through OpenCollective if your contribution has been accepted into Mastodon

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Do not understand why anyone would ever boost one of those cross-posted tweets that has the "RT" text and Twitter links in them.

To be fair I also do not understand why anyone would ever want those cross-posts to exist like that, either.

*me, looking back my toots*

I wanna remove all my toots now

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