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It's missing the fact that Verizon buy it to Yahoo

@Baishujinkou to really put the icing on the cake, they should invite porn people back, and resell for a cool 1B$

@Baishujinkou The techies are already blowing that wealth good to see...
@Baishujinkou tumblr is the only example i can think of in recent memory of users saying they'll ditch something, and actually doing it en masse
fuck tumblr anyway

@Baishujinkou company becoming a 0'1% of its former value because it banned porn: priceless

@Baishujinkou the Internet would be nothing without pornography. Along with cats, those are the basis of the Internet, the whole network exists because those two things do. Those who are trying to deny it, pay dearly.

@Baishujinkou i thought tumblr ban'd porn couple years ago, amidst big cries left and right

@Baishujinkou That was Verizon's decision, not Yahoo's. (Verizon bought Yahoo in June 2017, before the porn ban happened)

OCR Output (chars: 1353) 

Now that tumblr has been sold, has the porn ban been reversed?

@tn5421 last I heard it got sold to wordpress, and they weren't planning on reversing the ban. Tumlr's still dead, I'm afraid :shrug_akko:

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