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psychic reads my mind:
mind: omae wa mou shindeiru.
psychic: nani?!

Taking a look at the last Tusky update. It's really nice, it feels more comfortable to use than the web version.

What is the most retarded tech habit you guys have ever seen?

Personally I know a guy who set a macro on his gaming keyboard to type out his password

why does everyone think they need a CDN for their blog?

If you're new to niu there's a rule that says that you've gotta change your name to 🅰️zurolu or 🍞zurolu for at least 2 days or your accounts gets terminated at the end of the month, sorry lads.

@petaramesh note qu'au moins, ca c'est pas sexiste, ta dernière phrase. Tout le monde peut se faire enculer :3

- Apprenez à vous exprimer sans froisser ni vexer ni discriminer ni genrer ni valider ni spécier ni racer ni offenser ni phober ni risquer de bles...
- C'est ça, va bien te faire enculer.

pokemon card booster packs are IRL loot crates.


@Arwalk the virgin .social

the chad .moe

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Alright, to prevent confusion, we gave the mastodon frontend bundled with pleroma a new theme. Thanks, @hyper
Screenshot-2017-11-22 https ple…
GNU/Touhou: Highly Responsive to Smugs
Stage 1 midboss: broken @tijagibot 
Stage 1 boss: Illya-net
Stage 2 midboss: @dolus 
Stage 2 boss: @chen 
Satge 3 midboss: @dokidoki 
Stage 3 bosses: @roka and @nurgledsatorin 
Stage 4 midboss: @tijagi 
Stage 4 boss: @hakui 
Stage 5 midboss: @shp
Stage 5 boss: moonman
Stage 6 boss: @nepfag eating a corndog
Extra midboss: lewdbot
Extra boss: pawoo/pixiv admin
Toonworld midboss: @kfist 
Toonworld boss: Trainroll

Playable characters: Eugen
Difficulty: Lunatic only