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The real azu!

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psychic reads my mind:
mind: omae wa mou shindeiru.
psychic: nani?!

probably 1/3 of the people I follow are azus

@Azurolu Azurolu sensually talks to you through your $2 bluetooth headset that has a faulty battery connection [ASMR]

@karen i'll help w/ my actress powers

Didn't mean to kill Mike Cole it just happens lol

i guess you can come hang out if you just wanna listen to weird VGM music for a bit

dzuk's list of recommended instances being down and inaccessible is a metaphor about mastodongers

Hey everybody! @mike has recently undergone some tax troubles and cannot redeem donations. He's asked me to take the donations temporary in his place. Long story short is: new donation email is

Tfw no bf (bnintendo fswitch)

girl you thiccer than rust’s code of conduct