@Rakou End of times and all that jazz, I imagine. lol

Fedilabs looks a little different...

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i will be upgrading anime.website to same version my personal single-user instance is on (1.1.4), do certain migration tasks, fix my configuration, then open registrations to all users. not just invite only. this should make it easier for anyone who wants to try out the instance but is too lazy or shy to ask me directly for an invite code

#niu refugees are more than welcome. i do NOT have the same rules as niu.moe; you WILL see content in the federated timeline that you are unhappy with, so just use your own personal moderation tools (mute/block) to take care of it, or dont use the federated timeline at all. i'm not your mother.

as with any pleroma instance, i believe we have mastofe/glitchfe so you should be at home. if there's anything wrong then ping me and i'll stop being lazy and try to figure something out

with all the scares that other instances may or will be shutting down, i feel like this is the right call for me to make to open my instance up completely, and just deal with the extra moderation that incurs. if i really need an additional moderator, i'll probably vet interested users to make sure they'd do what i expect, but for now i think i can handle it myself

retweets welcome
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Who's the creepy girl living in the haunted mansion?
(Better learn my name because it's) Maaaaaxine!

@Rakou Can't beat the sub tropical temps! I like the cold weather, sans any snow though.

@Rakou You got a good laugh out me for that one. lol

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You might look at me and see a guy who just plays a lot of video games and watches some anime. But if you take the time to truly get to know me, I think you'll find that you're completely right.

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あなたのサークルは月曜日 西地区 "り" ブロック 41aに配置されています。

@Rakou Sounds like the cold is playing the part. Hope ya' feel better, doode.

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Happy Halloween, everyone! Don't eat too many sweets.

@Rakou Now I'm trying to think up smooth ways of saying it! lol

@Rakou Grab a rice maker and a bag of rice when you get the chance, doode. Possibilities are endless when it comes to that. I could grab ya' a recipe for a good yellow rice too.

@Rakou The more specific the creepier is the rule I think. Avoid 'What a beautiful clavicle you have miss"!

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