Hope this coconut continues growing. I'm afraid I might have to use different soil though. Looks too compressed and maybe didn't drain well enough (?), don't think it'll be too good for this. We'll see. Just need more time.

What's up with all the negative white space these 'webtoons' use?

Got a nice used laptop. Looks like a got a sub par charger for it. Going to need to replace that. Glad to have a device to chill on though. Been wanting a replacement device for a while.

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At that point in the Friday afternoon where things slow down a bit and the eyes keep wandering at the watch. So close to officially starting the weekend.

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Yoooo. I must have slept wrong. My right shoulder is annoying the heck out of me. Probably a bad position, but I'll logic it into needing to buy new pillows tomorrow.

Also G'morning.

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Would really like to buy some land up north and just put down a prefab. Check this thing out. Don't it look fantastic?


Alright! Been feeling like I've been gaining a lot of weight lately, but when I checked i'm at 272lbs, which is pretty good for me. I know my body though and 270 is where I peak. Might try for another fast to break past it.

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