I complain about this every now and than, but I really want to mess with Mastodon with a Masonry layout. They added a single column mode which is fine, but I'm not crazy of that or the tweet deck looking option. I kinda want to interact with posts the way they show them when you look at the sites /public page. Quick cut and paste and... like that. Just combine the two layouts. Anyone know a front end for Mastodon that looks like that?

Brought the little guys with me to work. Need to keep 'em fed. They never eat as much as I think they should. I'll need to look that up just in case.

Finished the second season of Log Horizon during the weekend. Think I might invest in the light novels when I get the chance.

Someone walked into my backyard. Went up into my yard and just left a box of kittens. No idea who. Don't know if they were trying to raise them before, or just figured to leave them at the house of the Doode who feeds the strays. They look too young to be away from their mother I think.

Went to Humane Society and they're not taking more animals. So went to PetSmart to get formula. Luckily found a group of ladies who hold adaptions there. Gave me the address to another women who would take two of the smallest. I'll be taking care of these other two with my sister tagging in while I'm at work..though I'm tempted to just take them with me to work.

Looks like Gandi is having a sale for new users on their first .COM domain. If there's a name you got in mind now's a good time to claim it.


Dang. Spent a good amount of the night binging Log Horizon. Haven't done that in a while. Going to feel tired in the morning. Still have some episodes left until the second season.

JKとわんこ詰16 | もっ pixiv.net/member_illust.php?il

I don't have anything to do today. Nothing planned. No one wants to go out and do anything.

It's such a good lazy day. Going through Log Horizon season one and finally putting that subscription to HiDive to use.

log horizon / JKとわんこ19 / May 24th, 2017 - pixiv

Hope this coconut continues growing. I'm afraid I might have to use different soil though. Looks too compressed and maybe didn't drain well enough (?), don't think it'll be too good for this. We'll see. Just need more time.

What's up with all the negative white space these 'webtoons' use?

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