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You're not gonna believe this but I just ate some food and came back to life a little.

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everyone on this we8site is always acting like their little sister jsut took the last oreo

or manybe people online really have gotten that unoriginal who knows

The wind needs to stop and takes its friend cold with it. Will Summer hurry up

alright my new phone works, I swear to god this thing better last me the rest of my life cause I'm not dropping more on one. smart shit can suck it

You know if my memory wasn't potato I wouldn't have issues like this

oh thank god I found some smaller filters in the cabinet, coffee in a pan was a bitter fail

great I have no coffee filters, I knew I forgot to buy something. Looks like I'm making coffee in a pot, this will be interesting

45 degrees at the end of april, love it. I am too cold right now.

So far my intuition has never lied to me and sometimes I learn farther down the line why I made a decision. puts me at some kind of ease.

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broccoli levels are 74% and steady

(74%) ■■■■■■■□□□

the first couple with my news lens on the d500 the last with my old on the camera. can't wait to actually really get out with it

back is forward, forwards is backwards

know what I like the way niu looks more so I have returned, had enough pleroma eyesore

@coy ah you moved, I'm think about doing so myself.

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