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@coy ah you moved, I'm think about doing so myself.

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Today I'll attempt to make bagels. Probably can't screw this up too much but forming them by rolling looks like a bit of a learning curve.

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wow I didn't know with photo editors you can make the best paintings known to man too.

It's doing science and it's still alive. When we're dying it'll be still alive.

Introducing the Microsoft galaxy f15 by Nokia, this flip phone boasts 5 dual quad copter core engines and our patented Outback open port 5 mp camera. Social media? Drones? Flip phones? Included. Have it all today.

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I'm like the final boss of the internet.

repair dude has been here all day, nothing nothing for half of it but talks to his friend and bullshits the entire time and even orders pizza, now leaving at almost 9 PM

few days of construction left on my condo, loving it. Best valentines day gift ever.

What's love and affection? Can I buy some from the store? Like how does it work?

Well I tried one of those past life regression things before, that was pretty messed up.

finally got the internet back! Did terrible at arcade games all day and spaced out to ambient. worst meditation session I ever had.

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