Distro hop time. Which distro should I try?

(I prefer APT/DNF/PACMAN package managers)

@brad Quite interesting! :D But what if I have some software that is only available as DEBs?

@AtomicBlond I've never had to personally deal with that. It may be worth asking in the irc (#guix on freenode) or mailing list ( about it. I'm guessing there's a way to whip up a guix package that uses the .deb as a source if necessary.
@AtomicBlond out of all of these I would probably use arch. Not my favorite distro but it does the job.

@kitsune Arch is nice but it takes long time download, install, customise at installation time and later on theming.

@AtomicBlond It's just one time thing. After you're done you don't really have to do much maintenance.

Bedrock linux, wise man gets all package managers.

@AtomicBlond depends on what you want from distro.

Personally, I'm looking only at and .
And Ubuntu is a "fallback", when you don't have ryzen-based PC yet and can't compile your software blazingly fast.

@a1batross I don't like ubuntu because of amazon integration (which people say that it can be disabled), also APT is way slower than Arch's pacman. On the other hand my CPU kind of sucks so it will take ages to compile packages on each update.

@AtomicBlond APT maybe slower than pacman, but unlike Arch, Debian and based on it distros provide best multilib.

I'm not talking only about i386 on amd64 binaries, but also arm on amd64 and vice versa. It's very cool and a killer-feature for me, as I'm fan of crosscompiling. :)

And believe me, there is NO any integrations preinstalled when you're not using their iso images. I'm installing it with debootstrap every time, thus having minimal system.

Emerge is not slow if you don't care about compiling time

APT is slower because of packages compression (which has a good ratio)

Ubuntu is bad (in ny opinion) because of Canonical: Snap and Amazon

Otherwise it's ok for beginner or last fallback

@AtomicBlond Xubuntu. It just werks.jpg But seriously I haven't had any problems with it and I don't have to futz around to get basic bits working. Really nice if you just want to get shit done.

@hunter To be honest yeah. Looks quit barebones though. If for some reason I have to depend on ubuntu, I would always go for Ubuntu Mate. It's perfection to me :ablobowo:

@AtomicBlond What do you mean barebones, like the DE? You should definitely pick whichever flavor uses your preferred DE. I use AwesomeWM so I went with Xubuntu since XFCE won't kill my computer when I need to use it. IIRC Mate is really good on that front too.

@hunter Barebones as in less customisation options that are graphically exposed to user, lightweight system and lighter set of pre installed applications that come with xfce

@igeljaeger @ichii pop os is nice but once it crashed my hdd at a very critical time :blobcatsad:

Void Linux or FreeBSD

I've yet used FreeBSD as PC OS but I'm considering it

Fedora? F30/31 (whichever is latest) has GNOME 3.32 or whatever version of Plasma it has.

KDE neon is another option. Ubuntu LTS base with up to date Plasma from the KDE folks

@JucheSaranghe Please give lot of bandwidth and good hardware to compile ;_;

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