harassing people online is pointless, go do something meaningful :blobcatcoffee:

Got working on my device kernel. Heh productive day! :blobthinkingsmirk:

is your child texting about communism?

brb = better redistribute bread
lol = let's overthrow landlords
tbh = take back housing
stfu = support the factory union
tfw = tyranny free workplaces
rofl = revolution's on for later?
btw = bourgeoisie trample workers

;_; I keep getting confused... My real name is almost as same as Karen. Whole fedi is talking about Karen all the time.

@ropecheese @Technowix BREACKING NEWS: God removes breathing capabilities after breathing spam, alive beings are to blame.

To write a report in LaTeX is funny

(wait a few days before I start to rant about it)

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