The woman sitting at the other end of the table seems to have lost her mind. Trying to boss people around, having loud conversations where she accused another $EMPLOYER #TechTeam member of being a cougar, avoiding assigned tasks because she says she cannot troubleshoot. Those ingredients tell me she'll be sent home soon.

@lnxw48a1 whats the protocol for this kind of behavior?

@assmilk Standard government protocol, mostly. Send the person elsewhere, because documenting it could land you in the middle of an equal rights complaint.

@lnxw48a1 lol
i suppose you're safe from The Cougar

@assmilk Yes, I suppose I am.

I also had to tell the person I described that "*no one* gets to volunteer my time" in a firm voice when she nominated me for a certain task.
@assmilk She said "I knew I'd gone too far when I saw that look in your eyes" and was quiet the rest of the day.
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