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just finished run and boy do I suck at this game

am at my little cousin's
he is playing some VR game and every now and than he asks me about something that happened in the game

I am glad my frens trained me how to pretend I know what they are talking about

I can't believe I still can't finish the whole run after training for almost half a year

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been busy studying math all day and playing pokémon all night but I should prolly run some silenthill later today

I probably should study the whole thing and not just the part that I am terrible at but that seems like too much effort

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failed the theoretical part of the exam on the first time
and now, on the second try I probably failed the calculation part
way to go me

got to the class and these all nerds tryina studying on the last minute
you fools don't know when you are doomed do you?

math exam tomorrow >_>
I so much wanna pass just so I don't have to deal with math for about a month

sometimes I feel bad for making fun of religions but I can't help myself the bible is for me the most hilarious fanfiction of actual world

fixing because of work while studying math gave me migraine :blobcatnotlikethis:

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