boy oh boy I keep procrastinating to the level that switching from niu feels like too much effort :blobcatsad:

I am pretty sure it will end up I am just gonna switch to mine emote proxy but oof

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@AngelooASDF deadline will force u to do so.
But make backup now, download the archive of pictures and posts

@blobyoumu thats exactly what I am procrastinating
but while I am here bitching about it I might as well get to it

@AngelooASDF do it! Just do it!
Don't let your posts be deleted!

@blobyoumu I need somebody like you to peptalk me into everything tbh

@AngelooASDF rasp seems to be switching to now...
might work for you as well...
Especially, seeing as you were the one who discovered fellow bunners there...
i just say: *owobun*

@ken I still cant decide between koyu and abs's server
I guess I should keep emoji proxi as backup account tho :blobcatthinking:

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