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It is official!
I am 14th in Dishonored Legacy speedrun!
:bunsmile: :bunsmile: :bunsmile: :bunsmile:

it isn't that much good but makes me realllly happy :bunlove:

there is many reason why hate gab
but the single most important is that they took one of the best emot out there 🐸 and polluted it with petty politics

I am pretty sure it will end up I am just gonna switch to mine emote proxy but oof

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boy oh boy I keep procrastinating to the level that switching from niu feels like too much effort :blobcatsad:

cant decide whether I should play pokémon or more Silent hill
in both there are bun-like creatures so my only deciding method failed

Just thought I'd post another reminder that I'm doing a contest to name a project with a $30 reward!

That's for all the people who weren't online when I sent the original post. Thanks for the suggestions so far!

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Looking for help naming a project, $30 reward (boosts appreciated :ablobcatbongo:

Hey there!

Me and a friend are creating an online clothing brand inspired by anime and Japanese culture. We have a few name ideas, but we feel like we could do better!

That's why we want YOUR ideas!

We'll be giving a $30 reward if we use a name you suggest, or at least $15 if we take inspiration from it. We can use any payment method you want.

--- Guidelines ---

This will be an online store selling original apparel inspired by Japanese, anime, or weeb culture.

The name should as such reflect this Japan inspiration.

It can be a "Japanese-sounding word" with no actual meaning in Japanese.

It can also make use of very well-known Japanese word, like neko, isekai, suki, or others. But avoid being overly "on the nose" (like weebshop or animarket would be bad names).

--- Requirements ---

The .com must be available, or affordable as a premium (depending on the name).

Other extensions could be allowed but then it has to be REALLY good.

You can check if a name is available on websites like

For online stores, it is often preferable to look for shorter, memorable names (even if they're less original or quirky).


Send the names VIA DMS to prevent domain stealing. (Like on the photo.)

there was little kiddo next to me on train telling her parents:
"this sign says I shouldn't throw a water bottle out of the train...
...But I would never do that!" :blobcatfrowning:

made my day

I like my grandfather, he's always giving so little shits about everything
always avoiding people because they might want something from them
and doing stuff his own way
pretty much my only family member I look up to

found a photo of my granddad standing with rifle in front of soviet flag :blobcattilt:

my friend just refered to birth control as "antibaby pills" and I refuse to call if anything but that from now on

I am so used to type "boi" that at this point "boy" looks wrong for me

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