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I would like to all remind you all that usually the best solution for a problem is to throw some water on it

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It is official!
I am 14th in Dishonored Legacy speedrun!
:bunsmile: :bunsmile: :bunsmile: :bunsmile:

it isn't that much good but makes me realllly happy :bunlove:

I have been feeling anxious over every playlist I've listened to so far so I am gonna listen to super mario soundtrack

I've been having a stone in my shoe since the day I bought them and now it feels weird whenever I don't feel pain in my right foot

I understand some ppl have serious prob with this, I myself am completely freaked out about moving into flat with other 5 ppl (literally living my personal nightmare atm) but sharing seat with someone for a hour ? camon ppl :blobcatangry:

didn't ride bus in a while, I am glad people still uphold the old beautiful art of "leaving their bags at the window seat while blocking the other"

oh my I was too active lately I should probably take a brake from fedi for some time

I start to uncontrollably shake after half a hour but suuuure mate lets do a fucken debate club over here :blobcatcool: :blobcatcool: :blobcatcool:

my classmate thinks I am able to talk with him via teamspeak for more than a hour ahahahhahYOUFOOL!!

I got assaulted by workdoggo
who should I call?

is my phone a dummy or is there no :blobdoggo: emoji?

thanks to the hollywood mosquitoes-controlled propaganda
we are gonna look for spidors, cuckraches and bees meanwhile those literal suckers gonna feed on us till we all scratch to death

those indestructable lil fucks
they will be the end for us
the end I tell ya! THE END!

any temperature thats not between 20-25C
me: Iamgonnadie :blobcatnotlike: :blobcatnotlikethis:
mosquitoes: GIV ME MORE BABEY

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