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I don't think Ive ever did an intro on here

Im Alumina and im a lewd dude with attitude 😈

I shitpost, post memes and talk about overwatch / lewd kink stuff/ gaming related things. Of course anything tech / futuristic will be tooted here as well.

Even though I do sadpost sometimes, I try to keep the vibe of my toots mellow and comfy.

Hit me up, I don't bite hard ;)

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Why I like mastodon over twitter 

1) friendly people
2)good memes
3)yall a bunch of nerds
4)people actually retweet my stuff
5)organic growth
6) @alli

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I kept seeing people from niu still posting and was so confused!

well its march and unless im missing something, Ive moved from niu since its closing to busshi!

hit me up on there now!

Political post and lewd is being banned on Twitter again. New exodus means new friends on fedi!

Looks like Twitter is shadow banning adult content again.

Exodus 2.0 is coming.

Is there a new good niu replacement that i can look forward to moving to come marcdh?

You can tell the age of an artificial Christmas tree by counting the rings of tape on its box.

Added someone from reddit hoping that it would be something in the not so distant future only to get annoyed by them already.

All they do is cry about how they're in their late 30s and have no social or sex life.

Girl Im in the same boat but I have interest that rang to the fucking stars and you dont see me crying about it :blobangry:

Once again Im moving my account stuff to

Will be setting up the redirect thing up soon so plz follow my new account!

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !