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I don't think Ive ever did an intro on here

Im Alumina and im a lewd dude with attitude 😈

I shitpost, post memes and talk about overwatch / lewd kink stuff/ gaming related things. Of course anything tech / futuristic will be tooted here as well.

Even though I do sadpost sometimes, I try to keep the vibe of my toots mellow and comfy.

Hit me up, I don't bite hard ;)

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one day i hope to be someones cyber crush

Websites going down after midnight for maintenance is shitty. Some of us are nightowls that need to visit you during these hours!

i post a lot because mastodon is low stress and i'm lonely like basically all the time

>Monopoly for Millennials
>one of the pieces isn't a snowflake


Im going to get this patch and put it on the case I got for the playstation classic. Sony is apparently too cheap to even get licensed carrying case for their product 😠

When your post about toy story toys watching porn on the internet doesnt go viral on the birdsite :blobsad: . You know damn well they look it up on their computers. Its fucking canon that they can use the internet!

My sister got a record player and it sounds like trash. Not sure if its because its a cheap kinda or just records sound shitty it sounds worse than a 128kps mp3.

Spent 30 mins listening to a girl rant about her vrchat drama with boys from there. All of her problems could have been avoided if she just was clear with what she wanted rather than play the silly mind games to get attention (her words not mine).

So pointless lol

Today I checked out PeerTube. I'm glad it's 50% french videos, 25% linux videos, and 25% porn.

Even in my old age i'll never fully understand the opposite gender.

I think its ironic that Laci green is on the receiving end of the shit would do when she was an sjw. I wonder if she sees the irony of it all?

There should be more positive body acceptance for bigger guys.

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All I want for Christmas is a qt girl who's as pervy as me!

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We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !