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I don't think Ive ever did an intro on here

Im Alumina and im a lewd dude with attitude 😈

I shitpost, post memes and talk about overwatch / lewd kink stuff/ gaming related things. Of course anything tech / futuristic will be tooted here as well.

Even though I do sadpost sometimes, I try to keep the vibe of my toots mellow and comfy.

Hit me up, I don't bite hard ;)

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Why I like mastodon over twitter Show more

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Why go to casinos and gamble when you can just play rogue likes, like slay the spire?

Can I tip / pay for my food if I use doordash/grubhub/postmates? I don't carry around cash and honestly seems easy to tip / pay on the app

Slay the spire is very very fucking fun. I dont know why i didnt play it right away!

Long distance online relationships work if there is an end game / date for finally moving in / meeting. If there is none, i feel like its just a total waste of time.

Which is worse: ignorance or apathy? Who knows? Who cares?

I mean i love boosting a post on accident


I've decided that tomorrow is show and tell day on this website. Please be ready with something to show the whole class, spread the message around

I have boosting a post on accident cuz i wanted to boost the toot under it but the fedi timeline is always moving cuz no one on mastodon has implemented a pause button for the fast fedi timeline

i probably just joined this instance to pick up weeb chicks.

Nothing like falling asleep / winding down to some 24/7 simpson stream.

Feels good

Happy single awareness day

Remember its better to be alone and happy than to be miserable and taken.

Should I get an intel i9 9700k with a gtx 2070

Or go cheap and get a amd 2700x with a gtx 2080?

If I had a gf I would love to get something like this. Sure its stupid and cheesy but it would still be cute.

If I have to email you to cancel a subscription because you swipe interface on your site doesn't do jack shit, you need to fix that stuff.

Sure its only 3 dollars but its unacceptable having to wait for a confirmation that you actually cancelled my sub manually rather than have the service you use do it automagically.

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