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I don't think Ive ever did an intro on here

Im Alumina and im a lewd dude with attitude 😈

I shitpost, post memes and talk about overwatch / lewd kink stuff/ gaming related things. Of course anything tech / futuristic will be tooted here as well.

Even though I do sadpost sometimes, I try to keep the vibe of my toots mellow and comfy.

Hit me up, I don't bite hard ;)

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Why I like mastodon over twitter 

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so i moved to and i dont know how to do things but follow me there if you want!

Can anyone recommend me some good Mastodon instances to join? Something that's nice and chill and active. I don't want my shitposting to be the only thing on the local to...😅

so i moved to and i dont know how to do things but follow me there if you want!

That being said thank you @Miaourt for keeping the site up and giving us a home!

nvm i found out when. I got time but i gotta start looking for a new home :(

Watching a no commentary play through of death stranding and I still dont know whats going on

Gen Y: Ok boomer stop ruining our life

also gen y: hey lets totally record our crimes for internet points and act surprised when we get caught with evidence :blobsurprised:

Every Finnish girl I've met seems to be a kinky person.

Apparently /pol/ things something is happening today in seattle. Let see a bunch of right leaning weirdos get disappointed yet again.

Me car died yesterday. Had it since I was 18. She took one out one last time to get lunch and brought me back safely home. She died while I was trying to park her.

Kinda silly thinking she lasted that long for me but she was a good Little car.

Rip the turtle

I think my favorite part about fedi is finding someone new to follow. Digging through old toots to find interesting takes / articles is pretty cool.

What's the rate of failure for an instance? Like how many new ones are created and out of 5 new ones, how many stay alive?

Overwatch in China: no LGBT characters
Overwatch in the west: LGBT characters

it's almost as if blizzard doesn't care about LGBT people and are just using peoples sexuality as marketing

Is there even a lewd part of the fediverse that isn't infested with bots and spammers?

Who needs a discord gf when you can get a Mumble gf

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