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I don't think Ive ever did an intro on here

Im Alumina and im a lewd dude with attitude 😈

I shitpost, post memes and talk about overwatch / lewd kink stuff/ gaming related things. Of course anything tech / futuristic will be tooted here as well.

Even though I do sadpost sometimes, I try to keep the vibe of my toots mellow and comfy.

Hit me up, I don't bite hard ;)

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Why I like mastodon over twitter 

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Does niu have the trending hashtags feature or is that update not out yet?

Also i can't wait for sigma to come out. I need me some new new tank in my life.

Plus 2-2-2 is coming out this week for public testing!!!!

3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. My last min comp on is going well. Had some really great fucking games and got to show off my big dick rein energy :blobderpy:

NSFW meme 

Why are people surprised the walmart would ban video game ads over banning guns?

What we do in the shadows tv show is so gooooood

not to mention the whether skeletons blend in with the darkness so when i charge in to fight blazes they're just popping out of no where


I just want soul sand

holy fuck i think visiting the nether is out of the question.

the moment i get out of the portal i have blazes agro on me shooting me from across the map. Ghast shooting me but i can't shoot back cuz they keep appearing and disappearing cuz this server is glitchy goddamn

I just want soul sand but i keep running into blazes :(

Totally a good idea for the president who help inspire the recent mass shooting with his anti-immigrant ideas to visit the state and victims who were effected by it

Linus tech tips is the guy who makes Linux?

the best part was before this incident she said she could hack me but couldnt because she's on a mac and needs to her windows laptop.. 😆

mfw a girl claims to be a vigilante hacker and was inspired by mr robot and then brags about hacking the hotel domain of the hotel she was staying at

remember when it seemed like everyone decided to jack it bowsette? seems like such a long time ago now
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