Dr. Stewart Adams, a scientist who helped discover Ibuprofen, then conclusively found it was safe enough to act as an over-the-counter medication.

Team Rocket are Millennials, surprisingly astute take. 

Um boy does this hit a little too close to home.

Forgot to opt out of browser ad personalization when I got the new computer, so reminder for all folks:

Visit and hit "opt out of all."

@starwall "in connection with operating and providing the Service" is the clause that limits the grant to the operation of Discord

uspol (-) 

You idiots

You fools

You nincompoops

It never needed to get this bad

All this was avoidable

You just needed to stop being such timid vacillators and act when it was necessary, instead of waiting for when it was convenient


Got blocked by someone I really admired.

Just going to call it a day.

re last toot thread:

Yes, it was a *very* long shower...

MOBA character 

Gameplay-wise, Rough & Rowdy are a character that provides strong area control and waveclear, but without the automatic pushing abilities - you have to swap Rough & Rowdy around carefully to push, without risking losing control.

Fandom-wise, Rough & Rowdy are a rarity in gaming: a happy, non-toxic, middle-aged straight couple.

In total, you have a pairing that is based on give and take and mutual awareness not only in the lore, but mechanically as well.

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Job Open 

My work is hiring for someone in the Creative Services department. It's a freelance, entry level position, you don't need to know photoshop or anything like that; it's more administrative.

MOBA character 

Their finisher [F] is Crossover, in which the Shooter and the Brawler trade places, stunning between them, after which the Shooter fires a bunch of dynamite at the center point of their path.

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MOBA character 

Their first power [Q] is Loose Cannon (Rough) / Big Shot (Rowdy). The Shooter throws (Rough) or fires (Rowdy) a stick of dynamite at an area, dealing heavy damage in a small radius and modest damage in a large radius.

Their second power [E] is Fancy Fisticuffs (Rough) / Preilous Parasol (Rowdy). The Brawler dashes to a target and deals a blow that does modest knockback, followed by modest stun, followed by modest slow.

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MOBA character 

Their secondary attack [M2] has two effects, depending on mouse location. If off an enemy, it changes the mouse cursor from a fist icon (which controls the Brawler independenty) to a target icon (which controls the Shooter independently).

If on a foe, the target represented by the icon attacks the target.

If alt-secondary is clcked, that allows one of the two to be moved.

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