so on the eve of the shutdown, Tumblr IP-blocked the Internet Archive.

Just to be EXTRA dicks.


Can you donate bandwidth and CPU time to help get around the blocks?

Please go to to find out how to install an warrior so we can get as much backed up as possible!

We've only got hours left and we still only have a few dozen boxes running, we need as many people as we can get on this!

@Almafeta it’s worth noting that archive team and are different people

@Almafeta on it! got an underused gaming rig running the appliance now

@Almafeta the Warrior's giving the following output: "Tracker rate limiting is active. We don't want to overload the site we're archiving, so we've limited the number of downloads per minute." Could Archive Team remove that settings / give instructions on how to override, given the urgency?

@Almafeta how have I not heard about this before? Quick setup going now!
I'll have to look at a more sustainable approach later... Can a raspberry pi run virtual box?

@M0YNG @Almafeta not that I know of. best to pull an old x86 machine out of cold storage instead

@DJWalnut @Almafeta exactly what I've done, an old netbook is running at 100% cpu 😁
Just running the docker image, so that might be an option too

@Almafeta do you know if there is some solution to run it with hypervm?

What do you mean, only got a couple hours left? I can probably set up an old laptop once I get home but that's gonna take a good nine hours....

@Almafeta Got a warrior running but most of the jobs just keep failing :(

@spacekookie @Almafeta It can't download "sensitive content", can it? ._.

@spacekookie @Almafeta try opening the failing ones, I think they're all "sensitive content"

@lara @Almafeta No, it is actually downloading "sensitive content". I'm just generally being rate-limited because tumblr is being ddos'ed 😂

@Almafeta Done. Converted and running as KVM (libvirt). Firsts items failed, but now it seems running satisfactorily (though I don't see myself on the tracker).

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