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It's been a while and we've got a lot of new users, so here's a new post!

Hi! I'm Shanya, a from the area. I'm a hard , , a nerd (especially for chonky games like and ) I love constructed languages like and have strong opinions about and electronic rights. My two favorite genres are and .

My dream job is to be a sexy pop idol pilot anthro who is also POTUS.


what's stopping us from starting our own game studio in a city that is NOT one of the hundred most expensive in the world

paying modest salary + profit sharing + benefits instead of flashy salary + no benefits + all profits to executives

and releasing when sensible on platforms that respect developers instead of ruining hundreds of careers based on the shipping schedules of big box stores?

I mean, theoretically.

葛葉ぽてぎつねさんのツイート: "クッパ姫が刺さったのでかきかき。 不慣れながらも鏡の前であざといポーズの練習をするクッパ様をイメージ。 余談 女性の格好に不慣れだったり初めて女装された方は、写真を撮るときに緊張しがちですので、どこがイケてるかを見つけてあげるとその人の自信になり、より深く堕ちます。沼に #クッパ姫"

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Between Koopa-hime and all the alternative -himes (Boo-hime!) and the actual headcanons and minicomics

did uh

did we accidentally just kickstart a Mario *fandom*?

Because if so, good. Mario is a good boy that just wanted to help and who deserves a fandom.

And, uh, Nintendo's main offices better be in a planning mood come Monday. It's definitely going to make for weird water cooler talk.

i really love making pixel avatars and @Saxxon was really interested in a pixel avatar and so here we are!

had so much fun with this!! :purple_sparkling_heart: :purple_sparkling_heart: :purple_sparkling_heart:


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uspol, csa, birdsite Show more

uspol, csa, birdsite Show more

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Bitch Queen Bowser is the only good thing in this accursed timeline

On Mastodon, they don't say "hello", but they say "I'm gay" instead, and I think that's so beautiful.

I'm finally watching the Defenders.

Man, the first fight in which all four of the Defenders fight together is a hell of a payoff.

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