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Why does niu.moe make me feel so depressed everyday that I get on? There's always something that I see on here that just crushes me on the inside everyday that I'm on here

With every purchase of bean sprouts, you get your very own tiny Yomi! Just make sure to feed her and take her for walks.

niu.moe/media/XtY1K8FFuceDGq9V niu.moe/media/n7439bQo5e2UviFk

So I decided to use the dialogue from the opening scene of Zero Wing and put it in pictures of Neptunia to make a Neptunia scene/meme/comic, because why not? If you've heard of the "All your base are belong to us" meme, that meme is from Zero Wing. niu.moe/media/NdCF8thdZtj4VoEh niu.moe/media/Dmh704RvpvoUo1Ju niu.moe/media/ussvSEL-2kyCWewz niu.moe/media/cEK-hlgchZs0tPMv

Crown the Empire's older music is so much better than their new music