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Haruka Amami @AlisaReinford@niu.moe

I don't know why I'm putting a warning here. I just am. Show more

I think Ashley is my favorite Mario character

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Doki Doki Literature Club is 100% American, isn't it? It's made by Team Salvato and Dan Salvato, who is not Japanese, right? I always thought the characters didn't look very stereotypically Japanese and I'm guessing this is why, because they're American.

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Apparently my NSFW picture of Lillie was too inappropriate for Niu and needed to be deleted for some reason? I don't see how though. I've seen plenty of pictures that were more inappropriate than that

Lolicon? I'm not a lolicon, you're a lolicon!

Hehe... this picture of Makoto Kikuchi makes me laugh.

Kotori Otonashi. The Kotori from The Idolmaster, not the Kotori from Love Live

A very happy birthday to my number one waifu and favorite anime character, Haruka Amami :)