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Fun fact: swipe writing first wrote "dick" when I wanted "sick"

The optical fiber technician has trouble locating the fiber interconnection, and I am here waiting, holding the door for the basement, still sick and coughing.
Moderately annoyed.


These past days have been rough on me, so time to remind myself positive stuff.

I'm a good person who wishes the best for everyone, I am open-minded, I have friends and people I hold dear, I'm cute boy, I recently once again confirmed to myself how much I love headpats, aside some common hiccups I have a stable situation, I am at the steering wheel of my life, heading towards the adventures I choose.

Like my current pharyngitis, things get better. You're doing fine, Akai. Keep going strong :blobpats:

Okay over 2 hours of Transport Fever.
Doing a break for lunch, then I'll keep playing. Sunday is nice.


current status:
- very runny nose despite medication
- a bit sore throat still
- light coughing sometimes
- nose all red from blowing
- eyes a bit teary
- very light headache

emotionally: feeling quite miserable, but trying to keep up. please approach me with face mask, and headpat me :blobcatsick:

wanna, like.. stay in bed all day and get cuddled back to health :blobsick:


It's been a looooooong time since I last had some McDonalds stuff.
At least that's gonna be easily digested, and flavours are intense enough to compensate for my sore throat.

The International Charter Space & Major Disasters brings together major space agencies like ESA, CNSA, Roskosmos, ISRO, JAXA and more institutional actors and satellite operators to provide fast and precise imagery of disasters thanks to their polar orbit satellites.

This is a major help for countries experiencing a disaster, to deploy emergency measures accurately. For free.

I like it when humans around the world make good things together.

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Oh I just discovered this:

The International Charter Space & Major Disasters

"The International Charter is composed of space agencies and space system operators from around the world who work together to provide satellite imagery for disaster monitoring purposes."

ooh damn, the spray for the throat makes me so tired, I almost pass out

🔞 link to sextoy review 

A Taciturn Girl Big, onahole reviewed by me~

I just noticed: my electric heater was turned on?!
And I have seriously no idea since when it was turned on... with the wrong date and time, so it was making "evening cosy comfort" mode in the middle of the afternoon?!

oooh fuck the lost electricity consumption..

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !