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pizza (with meat), beer 

As of today, what's the biggest known star?

It is UY Scuti, a red supergiant near the centre of the galaxy.

It's diameter is over 2 billion km. Big big star:

UY Scuti lighted up a short time before Australopithecus appeared on Earth (dinosaurs long gone). Observations tell that UY Scuti started helium fusion, which means it will explode as a supernova in a couple million years already. An ephemeral big boi star.

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The ISRO has announced they lost communication with Chandrayaan-2's Vikram lunar landing probe.

Last telemetry data placed the probe at around 300 meters from the surface, descending at ~100 m/s, hinting that the retrothruster failed to brake the probe before landing, leading to a crash.

Data is being analysed by ISRO.

lewdish bottom fantasies 

lewdish bottom fantasies 

lewdish bottom fantasies 

Having a cutie sitting on my lap.
Or being the cutie sitting on a lap.

The profound dilemma of mine.

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