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Humans, go respond to this poll
Pretty please with sugar on top :)

doing the computers became complicated x.x
had a trouble comparing different object storage services just to find out Wasabi is indeed the simplest pricing model and also the cheapest for my backups use case

Hey, you! 

My preparator at groceries pickup was a cute guy :blobcatcool:

Cishet men are toxic. The few allies don't counterbalance all the bad ones. Down with the patriarchy!

People on Niu dot moe are kitties, bunnies, puppies or snakies

prove me wrong

After careful consideration, I hereby declare @L as good boy


Everything noteworthy (and more) that wasn't taught in sex-ed at school.

fukken shit today was draining. And so will tomorrow. And... well the whole week is gonna be busy as heck o.o

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community οΌ―(≧▽≦)οΌ― !