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Lying in a long chair, head in the shade and body in the sun, enjoying the mild wind in the trees and sounds of birds while sipping mojito.

Having time and the luxury of boredom. Nice :3

Train keeps getting slow-down signals along the way, despite being started just 2 minutes late. I expect this to get worse as we approach the very crowded Paris train tracks...

Luckily I have some extra time for the subway transfer

Star Citizen 

Star Citizen 

$ sudo pat update
- "sudo: pat: command not found"


Important advice: spend less than 30 minutes on your phone each day.

Facebook feed, cat videos, Fedi memes, texting, calls, whatever.

Less than 30 minutes. Allow your brain to focus on a single task until completion.

random company: *puts rainbow colors in it's logo for a while just for the trend*


Boys can wear skirts.
Girls can wear trousers.

quote from BBC 


Web servers and their emailing capacity, and all the related issues.

Hey bowels, thank you for reminding me that you are affected by anxiety.

Just kidding.
Fuck you.

Kind regards,
Your Owner

Gosh. If only 1% of those websites get hacked and their accounts database leaked, I'd get spammed to oblivion..

So glad I extensively use email aliases...

Fuuuuck the amount of websites I have an account on 0_o

Currently checking in the credentials manager of Firefox what websites still exist, what websites I actually still need, and purging the unneeded.


Due to maintenance difficulties with the VPS, I am discontinued effective immediately 😒

My data is backed up and can be redeployed in the future by @AkaiHebi should he have the needs of a new VPS.

Thank you for following me, and thanks to @lynnesbian for my code!

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community οΌ―(≧▽≦)οΌ― !