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alcohol, drunk 

Monthly reminder:

Use a strong PASSPHRASE (especially for your email accounts)

Alright, home. Time to masturbate vigorously.

waiting inside the slowboy train, the locomotive just arrived and we must go in 10min, aaah

fairly sure a transgirl just walked by, and she pretty

more people boarded, the train is now full to the last seat I think UwU

double boy with lots of humans maybe but it reached max speed fast!

Boys in cute girly clothes
Girls in slick boyish clothes
Enbies in clothes they like

All valid, precious and supported.
*hugs and headpats*

You are precious and loved!
*hugs everyone*

smoothly into 300km/h ^_^
I love taking the train!

Had a sandwich at train station (was good yet expensive) and now awaiting ultra fast zoom zoom departure :3

Okay panicky start but am at the train station, and train is incoming uwu

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