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Gosh, sniffing out the "sextoy" categories on Amazon is a bit of a labyrinth.
And.. wait... does Amazon Japan ship onaholes overseas now? 0_o

*sound of a floodgate slowly cracking open*

By the way, fellow nerds:
I very highly recommend "A Digital Media Primer for Geeks", a video by Xiph foundation, which explains all the fundamentals of digital audio and video (signal processing, stereo channel, framerate, interlacing, chroma subsampling,.. )

so... dunno if it's due to my thigh/leg fetish, but by fooling around with my feet, I think I'm developing a mild foot fetish? ๐Ÿค”

I made some, what some people may describe as, "lewd" things.


update: I just received \o/
(while the app still says it's being prepared lol)

still no biker found.
my stomach protests.
And I'm getting real grumpy.

status update: order is reader, Deliveroo now seeking a biker.

quite a service overload huh

*makes Deliveroo order*
*realtime order status not available, laggy website*
*anxiety rises*

update, Gekokujo mod:
I'm now in service of Great Lord Shimazu, and reporting back after escaping captivity following two big battle defeats.
Shimazu-sama likes me now, and made me a mounted officer <3

(what he may not need to know: I switch my assigned weapons (yari+katana) for a chinese guandao, a tachi and a practice yumi ^^)

me: "wow there are 18 video games I have waiting but I never played them yet"

also me:
*plays Mount & Blade Warband about 3 hours per day -and thinks about playing the Gekokujo mod again*

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