Now that I have enough money (and quite some time to test this out), I'll try to make a profit out of rending an MISC Prospector mining ship :) We'll see.

Funny glitch of the day: at Lorville dorms, I found this group of NPCs aligned and standing in attention in front of the (messy) cargo elevator.

@Ste1lar random thought: selling used kneesocks πŸ€”

@Ste1lar There are buyers for gamer girl bath water πŸ€”

Who made beds so comfy?
I don't wanna go out ><

@Ste1lar I can't help but notice it has no onahole dock.

What would be Star Citizen without a few funny glitches like that levitating NPC :)

Dinner: check.

Back to Star Citizen adventures :3

@meawchill Je... plus comprendre :o après rouge feu / vert feuille, suis perdu... je suis insauvable xD

Long story short, I turned so criminal a bounty was on my head, and a player in a smol Arrow shredded me above Yela :)

Quite profitable piracy tho~

So a bounty hunting went wrong when my target frontal collided with me. Their ship completely destroyed, mine still okay.
All what's left was the NPC's corpse floating in space, but the mission wasn't completed :( I tried shooting the corpse with my ship and my rifles, but nothing..

So I turned criminal and shot down some Crusader Security officers :) my enhanced 325a can take Avenger Phantoms and Cutlass Blacks.

Selfie, eye contact 

@lumi Niu is a mindset, it's a philosophy, it's a syndicate for cuteness

HIV, self-test 

HIV, self-test 

HIV, self-test 

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