@meawchill @Ste1lar En tout cas je prΓ©conise un massage dΓ©licat pour favoriser l'irrigation sanguine.

@Ste1lar NO! *hugs you so hard you vomit the tablet out, and then I cuddle you*

@Ste1lar there there.. *pat pat pat*
Just say you're culprit, so the sentence gets lowered

@Ste1lar *shoots you with a Taser*
No escaping the justice!

@Ste1lar Stellar, you are hereby appearing in this court as defendant following an arrest carried out by AkaiHebi, special Niu agent and prosecutor in this case. The charges pending against you are:

- illegal bunposting, repeated offense
- lewd on main
- lack of skirtposting

How do you plead?

Let's make dem french people feel old 

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