@mizuki Hello Mizucutie, I wanna be on your lap just like that

I've been playing Stardew Valley today for... 8 hours?

My eyes burn and my head hurts. But I'm not unhappy about the stuff I did~

@mizuki *deposits a coin, claps hands twice, bows down, and receives the kitsune-blessing*

z0ne maintenance is still ongoing, so I'll use my old account to get the word out:

Nemo is a sweetie :blobcatsnuggle:

Trans rights are human rights.
TERFs are not real feminists.
Toxic masculinity must disappear.

I did some cute/lewdish pics, I'll post them on my main when Kura finished database maintenance :)

Hewwooooo Niu dot moe :blobcatsalute:
Have you found a comfy new instance yet? :)

@mizuki Caught me on camera while I was posting on Niu, huh? sly foxy

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