oooh damn it's past midnight and I just had a most silly idea to do with CSS

@AkaiHebi (doesn't work on my browser, due to an anti-xss browser protection)

(but I saw what it did by looking at the code)

@Nocta oh yeah I put JS directly in the HTML instead of separate file.. whatever :)


I juste wanted you to know in case you care but I get it's just a joke and not worth maintaining it, sorry if it was annoying ><"

(And just in case you do want to maintain it : it wouldn't be a problem if the JS was in a script tag in the head tag I think ? idk
There's probably a meta tag or something you could put to prevent the browser from doing that also 🤷‍♀️
I can look into it if you want)

@Nocta Nah it's okay, I quickly scribbled it on a whim after mentally associating "onmouseover" event and my very famous love for headpats ^^

I had my minutes of smiling and thought of sharing, but it's certainly not something I'll put on Github or anything :) But if you'd like to improve it, I would be happy to update it (with credit to you of course!)

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