Currently doing a storage reorganization: cloning the system onto the new SSD, and cloning the StarCitizen SSD onto former system SSD.

GNU/Linux should handle fine (even easier with Btrfs filesystem), and resizing a LUKS partition may not be too complicated.

But StarCitizen's Windows 10 ? Ow ow. Will probably need to carve partitioning right with GParted.

Protip: (triple check before using)

dd status=progress if=/dev/sda bs=2M | lz4 - system.img.lz4

lz4 -d system.img.lz4 - | dd of=/dev/sda

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Oh right, small additional hurdle: I have an encrypted swap partition on there too.
Will probably simply create it anew.

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Alright that wasn't hard, although scary when hot-nuking the former system SSD while mounted (because double UUID and somehow it booted on the wrong SSD).
Now injecting StarCitizen Windows 10 into the recycled SSD.

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wow wow 25 MB/s write speed? I download faster than that...
Sure the Crucial M4 isn't the most recent SSDs out there, but... damn

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ooookay that's more than one hour remaining, despite the lz4 compression of the free space.

Shower time!

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