Alright, let's make a pizza :)

- flour, 150g
(my little touch: I add a bit of buckwheat flour so the bedding gets a little "crunchy")

- olive oil
- baker's yeast

- salt, a bit
(my little touch: a bit of cane sugar)
- pour 150mL of warm water
- mix it energetically into a ball

mmmh the smell of yeast waking up :3
- put a cloth on top, leave ~1 hour
- (optional) make instant coffee and post pics on Fediverse with pizza-making tutorial

Pizza making! (cont)
- pat the goodboi dough
- spread lambs-.. tomatosauce (with southern France herbs)
- grated cheese
- pork chest slices (aka "bacon")

First pizza attempt with bacon slices, we'll see :)

- Incinerate your pizza in the oven, ~230°C, ~15 minutes

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