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fuck hierarchies and traditions: it's okay to meltyblush your senpai too >////<

According to kouhai, I'm "sweetest cutest boy in the world" :blobfoxblushmore:

someone: *posts*
(1 hour passes by)
me: *replies to post*

Fantasizing of getting dressed up in cute clothes by gentle onee-san >///<

yo I'm cuddleposting in TCP flags how are you

And one more giveaway: free PC game of your choice:

[Borderlands 3 or Tom Clancy's Ghost Reconยฎ Breakpoint]

- log in or make account on

- enter following promo code: TL4RVZD39UJ6ZKQZ

- choose the game and follow instructions (UPlay or Steam may be required)

Random giveaway for my followers, got a promo code I have no use for, first come first served:

[ free Xbox Game Pass for 3 months ]

- log in or make account on

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Enjoy :)

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