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AkaiHebi @AkaiHebi@niu.moe

oh wait, Ubuntu 18.04 is gonna be released in a few hours, right?

"Process ended with code: 137"
ow whoops

Dipping strawberries in sugar :blobowo:

I'm back from work and The Thread is still running


meh, forget any other uptime monitor.
Just get mentioned in The Thread, and a periodic "blip" will make you know that the internet connection is alive and well.

The Thread.
Fediverse stress test?
D-Does it scale well?


If you leave it playing for 6 hours, 13 minutes and 52 seconds, her hair turns green

>logs in
>scrolls back in time
>reads all of the precious cuties' toots
>replies to 5 hours old toots

Achievements today on @kube :
Villages, pet hamsters, apple trees, cactus, apiary, cane, lilies, and one near-death panic event with water creeper and sharpshooter squeletton

Figuring out that, by current human life conditions, I'm RIGHT NOW at the pinnacle of my healthy life years πŸ€”

In front of me, a slide downhill to my senescence and death.

How much health will I have lost by the time aging will be cured?

The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant

Yes, it is an allegory.
On a subject I definitively should put more thought in, as a progressivist.

If Czech sysadmin kitties wanna block back Roskomnadzor, here ya go :blobowoevil:


Wandering around, discovering stuff like.. Wyandotte chickens.
@kube is interesting.

When was last time I saw Karen using emojis?