this may sound narcissistic, but

I laugh at what AkaiHebi_ebooks beeps out.

when your bot posts link to a very πŸ”ž movie on Netflix without a CW, and it indeed violates Niu's community guidelines πŸ‘Œ

(but it doesn't give a blip about it, it's among the bots in space)

struggling to configure a VPS and I'm so pissed off, I'm like 4 hours behind schedule, feel like achieved nothing

what is this Sunday

Not as nice as in summer, but.
Feels good walking in T-Shirt in February.

I wanna know why the neighbors above had a downtime of 7 seconds.

okay guess that much good can be done with words for now, need to put my mind on something more rational for a while: fixing my bike.

(somewhat related response, specifically for lingerie: -thanks @Pyretta for boost)

*headslam against wall*
okay, fixing my bike can wait.

Unicode didn't introduce genitals emojis, but sure included something WAY LEWDER: handholding 😳

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Very very impressive: fake faces generated by generative adversarial network

"ORLY - FRANCE, Shipment on hold"

wonder what customs think of the.. content of the packet ^^ 😳

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