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AkaiHebi πŸ”ž @AkaiHebi@niu.moe

PEA hacking around with CRUX made me wanna rework my Arch a bit.
I'm now having bigger /boot on Btrfs partition, / in Btrfs too and inside beefed up LUKS-dmcrypt, and separate swap partition.. also in a LUKS-dmcrypt volume.

Figuring out optimal Btrfs mount options for my case was fun, I go full compress=zstd because I can.

It's beefy and secure.

Czech catgirls are lewding.
But shhh, you didn't hear that from me πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

lowkey wanna meet a local femboy in my neighborhood, but:
- I'm shy
- is there an app for that?
- I sound like a sexual predator :/

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Reminder: if you want to encrypt a message to me, please use PGP key 0x056BA410E5B5DAC6 or with your favorite browser: cryptoot.onahole.eu/ πŸ˜‰

raised-up-middle-finger kind of day so far :/

Free game on Steam for limited time: Insurgency.

As usual, also available for GNU/Linux!

hypothesis: cum contains spermatozoids, who have half of the DNA. So when the cum penetrates the skin, lymphocytes recognize the spermatozoids as foreign cells, and trigger defense mechanisms:
β†’ blood vessels inflate to carry more lymphocytes where they're needed
β†’ reddish skin

funny observation: there where's cum, the skin became reddish :)

I opened xHamster on another tab, but I think it won't be necessary 😳

pent-up sexual tension, I'm leaking precum >//< fap time while I'm still wearing the cute stuff

so..; what do I put on Reddit πŸ€”

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[somewhat NSFW: underwear and penis bulge]

comfy comfy :3