one of those days when nostalgia hits hard:
- YUIMETAL leaving BABYMETAL made me remember Nightwish during the Tarja Turunen era
- Steam Play made me replay Unreal Tournament 3 a bit
- reading from an artist I first met on one of the very first online communities I joined

halfway expecting the upcoming BepiColombo launch commentator bringing up the Hogwarts-inspired "online wizardry school" Poudlard .org so I can recall how I bypassed Norton Internet Security 2003 to access it freely πŸ€”

oh fuck it. I wanna watch the launch of BepiColombo.

So I was curious how well Unreal Tournament 3 runs with Steam Play. Steam support helped me recover my former account (to which my CD key was linked with), installation went through fine, UT3 starts up, and...

I must admit, it runs pretty good! Sure yeah not 100% fluid, but it's playable and enjoyable. Brought back many memories. Obviously my skills are rusty as heck, it's been... a decade or so.

I'm not among those who hiss the least at Valve. But. Work on Proton and backport to WINE is πŸ‘

You know, I have some difficulty appreciating Nightwish's music made after Tarja Turunen left the group.

But for BABYMETAL... YUIMETAL's cuteness will be very missed to me in the future :(

← shamelessly makes nerdy jokes with his kouhai

*logs into Fetlife and checks how many "curious about" fetishes became "into", after last weekend*

People wearing skirts and thigh highs :3

Today at work I saw a Samsung running Windows Mobile 6.1

Laughs were had.

couple new toys are on the way to the Amazon Locker :3

oh discovered a new word for it: "splinternet"

a tendency for individuals to rather stick with like-minded people on the internet, with as consequence a lesser ability to know diverging opinions and produce meaningful debate

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