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AkaiHebi @AkaiHebi@niu.moe

decent home internet connection.

This is good internet connection

OpenBSD disabling Intel's HyperThreading.

I feel a sudden chill along my spine~

Free game:
Shadowrun Returns Deluxe
Humble Store.
GNU/Linux version available of course.


Price of electricity went up by 60% within 4 years πŸ€”

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Everything is going to be daijobu

Bed time. Gotta rest well 'cause next day will be.. once-in-a-lifetime day.

Spent a worrying amount of minutes searching for the Pleroma backend source code, so I keep this for possible later use:


I like connecting people :3
Call me Nokia!

... wait, that got bought by Microsoft too!!! FFFFFUUUUUUU

Come to think of it...
It's been some time I didn't hear my neighbors fuck.. and I don't hear any speaking going on neither.
They broke up? πŸ€”

You're all very lewd kitties.
I'm having spaghetti for dinner then.

Oh it's not exactly that one (but same series).
Interesting read :)

tfw @Infernal_Monkey publishes a review for a toy I didn't even unwrap yet πŸ˜„

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This morning we reached 42%, now we've just raised over the 50% bar! Y'all are wonderful! \o/
Keep sharing and talking about #PeerTube: together, we have 15 days left to make it happen!

Enough for today.
AkaiHebi must rest.

lowkey wanna nap right now
but there's no cutie in my bed 😒
what's the value of physical relief if there are no cuddles

Lunch break
Exhausted Akai
wanna lazyafternoon

nemo and ocean are good kouhais