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To all mastodons it may concern: You are loved, and you are not alone. You're worthy. Things will get better. Never loose hope. Keep looking forward !
*mastodon herd protects*

Nail polish on one toe got messed up, so I remade.
I"m a good boy :)

Ate 500g industrial pizza for lunch πŸ˜‚
terminate me.

*considers starting up Kerbal Space Program*
*looks at clock*
β†’ 00:50

Well, 'guess I shouldn't do the mistake thrice. To the bed I go !

I bet half of what's being sold still has asbestos in it -_-

I just wanna be the owner of a flat that is younger than me. Pretty please. *sigh*

my food delivery is late :(
Akai is hunger !

I didn't put olive on my lunch pizza πŸ€”

πŸ”ž, link to sextoy review Show more

Rare leaked photograph of AkaiHebi in an alternate universe ? πŸ€” niu.moe/media/zC3O7LaIMcJoU47k

Spotify is making me listen Russian pop/eurodance songs, send help 😒

Some more rationales: what was the first thing humans put into orbit of their planet ? Yes, Sputnik: a machine.
The first alien intelligence we'll encounter (and maybe the last), will likely be autonomous machines.

And if aliens monitor us, then they'll likely preserve humans from any contact yet: humans are wayyyy to emotional and belligerent to be part of a "Galactic Assembly". (poke box office success Star Wars)

One thing at a time. Let's try to understand our solar system first.

Aaaaand now of course he talks about that en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern

Here's a theory for you, wanna-believer: 4chan trolls show how common bad jokers are among the human race, it's just too tempting to create a hoax to get your minute of fame or get the "normies" all confused. The popularity of such movie also shows how irrational humans still get about aliens.

The truth is that humans are embryos, barely even solar-system explorers yet.
Do you care to communicate with earthworms ?

"String theory" β†’ "universal internet that could be used by aliens"

Hey, why not gravitational waves to transmit data ?

Falcon 9 explosion, Chilbolton crop circle, Nikola Tesla experiment, Dyson sphere, WOW signal, Voyager 2 transmission, ...

.. and science-unsavvy people are watching this stream.
*starts crying*

oh.. Netflix..
The amount of conspiracy-theory movies in there...

I'm watching "Alien Contact", and.. the narrator lacks every basic scientific procedure.

Most things go: "no one knows for sure, however" ["scientists", "experts", "UFOlogists",] etc etc

I wanted a documentary about SETI, their radiotelescopes, their analysis software, their cross-checking procedures..

Instead, I watch a movie where the narrator basically said that light isn't a radiowave. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

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SpaceX Flicky account. Beautiful pics. Nerd's porn.

kouhai is boosting lewd pictures of dakimakura cover, but thinks owning an actual dakimakura is too embarrassing πŸ€” πŸ˜•

Kouhai complained recently about Mastalab's UI.
He's correct, couple annoying issues, even if overall it's a good client (better suited for Mastodon than Twidere)

Kerbal Space Program:
and then, since my design worked well and I could fine-tune the payload: Duna ! niu.moe/media/fS7gpl2DO7Gjh1jn niu.moe/media/9XGOwtZNlxMgSgDi