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@PrismaticMurder @Technowix easiest to me is to have lower orbit, then programming a prograde maneuver somewhere on the orbit to reach ~10km behind from target. There, I switch reference from "orbit" to "target", and burn a retrograde to 0 m/s. Then, I point to target and approach it at ~50m/s. At ~300m away I retrograde to 0m/s with RCS, select docking port as target, and approach with RCS. Port alignment can be tricky, sometimes I " collide" them and it works 😂 good luck!

Another day at work, another example how truth is a complex thing and requires lots of effort. I love my job 😝

@NekoiNemo I doubt so. Google's sponsorship of Mozilla is directly impacted by Firefox's market share, and if they pull out, Firefox won't have as many full time dev :(

@NekoiNemo yeah but Firefox too ! That's hurting the web :(

@NekoiNemo I feel sad they advertise Chrome when you use their services with Firefox. They should target a competitor who has much advertising power, like Internet Explorer

Kerbal Space Program: and this is my rocket ^^ the liftoff stage alone is powerful enough for straight Kerbin orbit escape niu.moe/media/peQv_M1GBeu9FDKB

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Kerbal Space Program: Duna surface by day.. and what's left of my rover after wheels broke niu.moe/media/PiX0GobKIupxWIr5

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Kerbal Space Program: first landing on Duna ! Rather easy, thanks to thin atmosphere niu.moe/media/DskFmFuxDxxRvsvR

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Kerbal Space Program: after 1 year travel: hello Duna :) first planet exploration ! niu.moe/media/XRx42YBxD2ueY_Nw

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Kerbal Space Program: I tested a probe and lander system. First attempt on Mun was almost perfect niu.moe/media/GOFVs9TUaMQ9MycK

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@NekoiNemo the very reason it's written on a piece of paper makes that password insecure

@Technowix hahahaaaaa :D On my first landing, I didn't had enough fuel to bring my pilot back home ! Stranded on the Mun, until I landed a recovery vessel, made the pilot travel to it, then barely had enough fuel for Kerbin orbit, had to make yet another vessel (with heat shield and parachute) to pull down and save the pilot :D

(moar solar panels, MOAR POWER, MOAR SCIENCE)

Kerbal Space Program: I created and added an energy storage and production module to my space station :) niu.moe/media/9V_QKFMS0yEOQNAd

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Kerbal Space Program: this new probe has enough fuel to "flea-jump" around and record temperature and pressure, transmitting data home.

Kerbal Space Program: I ditched an old orbiter, and created a new robotic multistage heavy launcher. And landed a probe on the Mun.

Kerbal Space Program: successfully recovered my astronaut, even made it a smooth surface landing :)