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You know, one UI error I cannot forgive is:

- ToS and Contact info are in a web page footer, but the page uses infinite scroll and keeps pushing down the page footer with previous content

uuh yeah no it still scales down huge pictures ๐Ÿค” still larger than the "large size" setting in media tho

Wordpress 5.3 is neat ^.^
And FINALLY links to fullsize pics with the gallery block!

programming ramble, mention sextoy blog/shop 

Heya moi c'est Elena(ou Gally je suis pas dรฉcidรฉe):blobcatpeek2:
Je suis une meuf trans autiste qui bricole et รฉtudie des trucs en รฉlectronique.
Je joue ร  pas mal de jeux mais en ce moment c'est surtout Fortnite :top1: avec @meaw.
Je suis sur le fรฉdi deux ans environ je viens de migrer. Du coup comme la fonction de migration est douteuse, j'ai perdu des follows et des followers, alors hรฉsitez pas ร  check si on se suit toujours si on se connaรฎt. ๐Ÿ’œ

Uwah I'm craving affection :o
Like, I miss cuddles :blobfoxblushmore:


Niusers, c a l m d o w n.

No need to panic, you have until MARCH to find a new instance. Jeez, you may be hopping into instances that may abruptly close even before Niu says farewell...

Dear instance admins, especially on Pleroma: pretty please, publish rules, guidelines and terms of service for your community. Even a GDPR compliance declaration if you wanna go the extra kilometre.

And make sure an external third-party (random pick: law enforcement agent or cybersecurity auditor) has a means to get in touch with you to report criminal abuse with your instance. Don't leave it the default placeholder page.

I am so unforgiving on my instance evaluation criteria lol

WHAT?! doesn't use DNSSEC ?!

Wawawawa. With the new graphics card I requested for Christmas, I should be hitting 42-48 average FPS on Star Citizen.

Not that bad ๐Ÿค”

:bunpats: :bun:

pat it when it has a sad, and it'll keep hopping

Wa wa wah hey fellow Niusers, calm down. There's plenty of time before the shutdown.

At least wait out the Christmas / New Year period when instance admins and mods are more likely to be busy elsewhere so you can judge if the instance communities you're looking into can remain comfy without constant supervision.

Don't wreck your Niu accounts just yet.
But, still do your recommended weekly backup archive :blobfox:

One kaomoji to describe how I feel about that Fetlife chat I'm having?


Did you know? Fetlife is pretty good to get in touch with kinky play partners :blobfoxblushmore:

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