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AkaiHebi πŸ”ž @AkaiHebi@niu.moe

Getting lectured by my parents how I got sick due to my "monk-like" lifestyle -_-

"Europe will not be made all at once, or according to a single plan. It will be built through concrete achievements which first create a de facto solidarity." (Robert Schuman)

Worried about the situation in Catalan referendum

@NekoiNemo *pulls you into the bed and requests headpats*

it is decided: rice, corn, tomatoes, honey, grape

Sick dizzy throat-sore runny-nose Akai wonders what to eat for dinner πŸ€”

@Technowix Heyy~ do you plan granting Niu an IPv6 address in the foreseeable future ? πŸ˜‰

Interesting science fact of the day: Earth is closest to the Sun (perihelion) around January 4th, and furthest (aphelion) around July 5th

This is scary: I wanted to fap this morning, but simply couldn't get a proper boner for a long time and the orgasm was weak as heck

My body's way of telling me: blow your nose, take your paracetamol and get healthy before doing lewd ?😩

Nap: done. Now let's get back to work and finish this week

I found a strong ally in my couple-of-days fight against tonsillitis: Paracetamol.
Getting a head-start for winter immunity :)

Typical Star Trek pattern:
*man is alive*
*man falls on floor*
*Dr McCoy bends forward with his thingy*
*3 seconds later*
- he's dead, Jim

Take a wild guess. What are my neighbors doing right now ?

Welp: shivering, fever and sore throat. Akai is officially sick.

Time to go home, onahole is waiting for me