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To all mastodons it may concern: You are loved, and you are not alone. You're worthy. Things will get better. Never loose hope. Keep looking forward !
*mastodon herd protects*

> me on workdays: "can't wait to have days off and finally get stuff done !"
> me on days off: "meh what could I watch on Netflix... wow I'm bored.. video games ? onahole review ? crossdressing ? meh... bored... no motivation..."

ps: I watched Terminator (1984)

Woaaaaahhahahaha Xiaomi really really doesn't want you to fuck up your device and asks you a 3 button confirmation to just enable ADB ^^ and overall MIUI is a fortress

What's sad though: the 72 hour required wait for the unlocker to replace the bootloader.

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i think about this image a lot

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After a little wait here's version 2.0 of the mastodon beginners guide! Here you'll find server recommendations, a basic explaination as to how masto works and more beginner friendly stuff. Thanks again to @namwen for putting in the work on making the infographic! niu.moe/media/Vv2m7_yPhh3hwtUr

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The Sun is rising at the land of the Rising Sun (it's 7:26 in Tokyo)

How do you translate in Japanese ?

"few years ago" → more than 6 years ago

oh dear oh dear....

Fun fact: Mastodon uses OStatus and ActivityPub.

A few years ago I used Identica in addition to Twitter, it still had a StatusNet base back then (OStatus protocol). I left it when it switched to Pump.io base, which relies on ActivityPump, based on which ActivityPub was built.

The circle is complete !
I halfway now expect new cool software relying on IRC-XMPP, and P2P tools based on DirectConnect.

Morals ? Free open protocols rock. But to gain users, you need slick UI and UX 🤔

Since Japanese Mastodon is strong, there really might be some traction... mmmmmmmh....

Oh, the ( ) is next Tuesday

Is it something we should import from Twitter too ? 🤔

Is it possible to, like, postpone Black Friday to next Monday ? I'm unsure I'm getting paid before end of the week, and, you know, well,...

[ I have adult toys in my wishlist ]

Many thanks, Gods of the Marketing Business.

Tomorrow I should receive my new toy :3

So excited !