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Snake The Third

My discord is
motherfucking despair#9710
For those who wants to talk to me now, I also created a Twitter for my music although it's exactly for that : music

@ChillJill @SarcasmKid @Dekken I received your regards, thank you for caring ! I am still available on Discord if anyone wants !

Truth is, I don't enjoy it here anymore, so yeah. I'll probably post some occasional memes and shit, nothing more, at least for some times

I'm reflecting on quitting social network for good, like Mastodon, Facebook, Instagram ect...

I feel like I lose too much time on those, time that I could spend doing valuable things instead

I might have a problem with bufftsuki reaction pics

@Assmilk No, not really, or I mean I don't know if it would be less taxing to have two kidneys for obvious reasons.

@Assmilk I only have one kidney, by birth, but it's bigger than usual so it can assume the work of two kidneys, which is great

@Assmilk Honestly, I don't know, that would require some thinking, but the idea wouldn't be half as bad.

The problem is that my willpower isn't too strong and my mind would probably break

"What is the thing that requires the most willpower"

I ask myself that question and I want to say "The military", as in really going and rekting yourself

Sadly I have a condition that would probably prevent me from doing it.
God damnit, can't I grow a new kidney or something? Asking for a friend of course

@taiz Why would she come and admit it when she knows that he doesn't like it?

Mgs : "Can love bloom on the battlefield?"
MGS V : *Show that love can bloom on the battlefield*

Just realized this

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Anxiety, sadness, and advice Show more

Anxiety, sadness, and advice Show more

Anxiety, sadness, and advice Show more